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Evil sisters, not liking the rain, tails, battlegrounds, and STARCRAFT 2

September 11, 2010

Henry picked me up at about 3:25, and we were off to the first day of Awana; I asked if he’d attended the meeting last week, and he said no. Ha, I knew I wouldn’t be the only one not going! Told him that I’d had Sri Lankan food at Sunday lunch to celebrate a […]

Turbo jokers and French stones at rodeos / I know where things are! / Bombs

July 16, 2010

Bingo of the night: PIERROTS (132 points) – against Bridget S. High-scoring words of the night: POW (100 points) – against Cheryl W. [2W, 5W] TURBOS (160 points) – against Linda C. [two 4W] JOKER (236 points; 4W, 5L on J), TEEN (115 points; two 5W, hook off SARD to make AT / RE / […]

Appearing at the Awana awards ceremony and the carnival

June 12, 2010

Henry picked me up at about 3, and we were off to the last day of Awana. We discussed the butterfly effect (where a Brazilian butterfly flapping its wings could cause a Texas hurricane), his astronomy projects, 2012, resting on the sun, MYTH busting, the weird traffic stall on the bridge, Vacation Bible School, Ambleside, […]

Abby, Yin, piano keyboards

May 28, 2010

High-scoring words of the night: ABY (250 points; two 5W), YIN (140 points; 4W, 5W) – against Tracy M. [00:14:30] Flami: I was on the phone for a bit just now [00:21:18] Flami: with my teaching partner, who thought that I was going to spend time with Eric 😛 [00:41:03] Corey: what are you teaching? […]

EPIC FAIL / "He was summoning me with his eyes!" / Japanese-Caribbean food

April 18, 2010

This morning started out with Epic Fail and Disappointment on my part, as I kept Eric waiting for a few minutes on a day when he could ill afford that. *sad* Luckily, we just rode mostly in silence after he communicated to me, and I apologized. He said that he was going to jaywalk, so […]

Blocking AMERICAN rooms with laptops / "Medicine is alive!" / My Canadian name

April 5, 2010

Another day, another weird phone call… 714-360-8121, anyone? This one was from California! The only part I remember from my dream is going to this HUGE library with a bunch of people, and wondering why people were blocking the door of the AMERICAN room (huge US flag) with their laptops. They were also sitting on […]

Short phone calls / ALICE IN WONDERLAND / Madcap unreal eyeballs

March 19, 2010

Auntie Ying has been sick for the past couple of days, so tonight’s phone call was thankfully short! (I just hope that a certain person doesn’t think me too awkward if I seemingly didn’t have much to say to his California stories!) We just chatted about some news article she’d read and passed on to […]

Tarin might really love her, we don’t know… but bombs incapacitate CTU anyway!

March 16, 2010

Decided to go to the library to watch last night’s episode of 24. The library computers are faster than the one I have at home, and I was pleasantly surprised to have my pick of them at 5:30 or so! The episode was pretty intense! Bubba helpfully recaps the last hour for us, rendering the […]

Mr. Creep really should stop bothering people! / 35th anniversary! / Sandra Bullock

March 8, 2010

Eric picked me up this morning, and he joked that I owed him a million dollars. I instead gave him two, since that was his change from Subway the other night. He’ll have to be satisfied with that, haha. Discussed a bunch of random stuff (plus wedding invitations – Joe – and the Olympic mascots […]

Bags, purses, Farrah, Valentine’s Day hearts, Easter, LAYERS, and more / January 2010 BBT Tally

January 31, 2010

Went out late this afternoon to look at bags and purses on clearance at the Bay, not for any real reason. They were almost $50 even on clearance (at least for separate compartments), so I decided that it was a good thing I wasn’t actually looking for one. Then I looked for shoes, a bit […]