Defenestration Day! / Knorr Mexican Rice Sidekicks, Coty Saucier, hospital beds

TODAY IS DEFENESTRATION DAY 2020! Ayler called me at 5:45, saying it was the latest he could call me. Okay, I guess that’s fine. He pretty much gave me a blow-by-blow description of how tall the carrot, cilantro, and other plants were on the balcony since he had to go water the plants anyway. Yes, he took a ruler to do that, and said he might measure the couch later. I told him to go get some measuring tape, but he said he didn’t need it.

He said he was having Mom’s congee for dinner, and mentioned that Beckett was having some milk with Harmony. Of course! Jon said that math had been my favorite school subject, but Ayler said he knew his dad wasn’t telling the truth. I could hear Hiero screaming in the background – oh boy! We’ll talk next on Monday, since he might have a family quarantine birthday party on Tuesday for him and Beckett. It was a pretty brief phone call, but that was fine.

Knorr Mexican Rice Sidekicks!

From Julie: Coty Saucier is a MONSTER JAM racecar driver of a monster truck?! BAD SPELLING OF CODY! It’s not “saucier” as in SAUCE, but a French name pronunciation!

From Julie, but James can also definitely relate: My hospital patient after I hit two walls and the doorframe with the bed before we even get out of the hospital room… :O :O :O

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