Maggi’s Letup Curry, weed / Jesus / sinning, Hungry Man XL Chicken Pot Pie

Darryl says that Brian’s been officially outed as a scammer in the V4F Discord server. Jimbo was nice enough to send him a screenshot of Brian’s bannination – GOOD!

I discovered redrum AND at least one (possibly two) dead mice today – UGH! Called Ayler at 6:25, who said he’d been about to call me. I told him about Steph’s 1 degree C winter weather in Ontario yesterday, and he said he could ask her to fix it! I told him that he’d be better off asking God to fix that. He asked if I wanted to hear him (slowly) play THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER on the piano, so I said sure. I could hear Hiero laughing in the background – he sounds like he’s lost it, man. “HAHAHA HA HAHA HAHA!” Combine that with Beckett going around and using random words, and it’s certainly nuts around there!

Ayler suggested that I make things “more positive” for Mom on her birthday, and record a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for her. No, thanks – I think I’ll just settle for texting instead! Ayler said he has to practice his songs before he plays them for people – “it’s not just you!” Gee, thanks! Nothing wrong with practicing, of course. I guess we’ll talk on Friday for “30 minutes,” he says. We’ll see!

Edit at midnight: Paulo just came over to remove the two dead mice from the corners! I should go to RONA when they reopen to get more glue traps, although I should have thought of that at Canadian Tire on April 20!

Maggi’s Letup Curry Kari Cili Api noodles for lunch with carrots, green peas, corn, and green beans!

From Hell: Jesus wants to remind you that if you don’t sin, he died for nothing. WEED AND JESUS!

Hungry-Man XL Chicken Pot Pie!

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