BLIND SPOT is not an ableist term! How stupid! / Mamee Vegetarian Noodles!

Did laundry today. Had to take someone else’s load out of the dryer so I could start mine on time. Came back to a printed note: “Please don’t grab my stuff out of the dryer when I’m five minutes late!” Well, maybe you should be ON TIME since other people need to use the coin dryer, you selfish hypocrite! How should *I* know it’s “only” been five minutes?! I know who it is, too – the same GROWN WOMAN who had a problem with my putting bleach in her load when she wasn’t on time in retrieving her clothes from the dryer. I don’t care if she had to wait an hour to refold or re-dry her clothes in that case – she’s so entitled! At least MY clothes were dry because *I* don’t overload the machines!

From Twitter and the V4F Discord on October 14, 2019: No, Kimberley Jane Erin, “blind spot” is NOT an ableist term! Replacing it with “dead angle” sounds absolutely stupid. Am I dead if the CCTV cameras can’t see me?

Mamee Vegetarian Noodles!

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