Playing JRPGs, Hungry-Man chicken croquettes, twist pretzels, face mask testing

Ayler called me at 5:25 today, telling me that he’s the scooter master, and Hiero is the bike master. He says that they’re in an elementary school reading program with badges for quizzes / reading books. Since he has more words than Hiero, so he can do more phone calls for the duration of the pandemic – I agreed that his vocabulary is better. They’re having jook / congee for dinner tonight, and I said I would be having dumplings at some point. Hiero got on the phone and seemed enthusiastic about dumplings, saying they’d had them once. I said they could ask their dad to cook some one night if they wanted more. They were outside, but did do their distancing! It doesn’t matter to me if they call me at 7 PM once so I can hear their neighbor’s O CANADA, haha.

We discussed face masks, goat meat, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and their nachos with ground beef / jalapeno peppers and optional salsa / guacamole / sour cream. (or vegetarian) Cheese makes it better, he says! For their burritos, Ayler loves salsa. I got to hear Beckett say “Auntie” and “Leslie” (which isn’t a guarantee) – so cute! Beckett still knows what I look like because of his baby book. Hiero told me about their train track setup, and Ayler took over to tell me that he might not be able to keep track of the minutes and seconds of our phone call, and that I was lucky that there was no 30-minute time limit. He can call people before dinner, depending on when it is. “I have two people to call today – I had three, but already called one.” Interesting kids, for sure! “Keep in touch and don’t lose friends in Covid-19 / coronavirus,” he says. I AGREE!

From the V4F Discord server and Twitter: In Chapter 1 of JRPGs, you find a lost kitty. In the final chapter, you kill God.

Hungry-Man XL Bowl: Chicken Croquettes!

Old Dutch baked pretzels mini-twists for National Pretzel Day today on April 25!

Miniso disposable face mask test against the coronavirus.

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