Lady parts not having a good time! / Jeff Hor?! / Ellen Toothacker?! / Lovie?!

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Lady parts not having a good time! / Jeff Hor?! / Ellen Toothacker?! / Lovie?!

Matthew Good, “A Long Way Down”


Ahmad Zaldy tried adding one of my alteregos on Facebook – DENIED! I had to do laundry AGAIN today because there was some water by the toilet, maybe caused by my upstairs neighbor showering! I hope it’s not another leak… and I also hope my white bamboo towel isn’t mildewed because I had to wait for my lazy as fuck neighbors to get their act together in the third-floor laundry room! UGH!

From Violet / Faith in the sober Discord server: Once a month, my lady parts are like, “Bro, I’m straight up not having a good time.”

Jeff Hor?! Sounds very definitely like WHORE!

From SFX Off-Topic: Ellen Toothacker has a cool last name! Is it Toot-Hacker or Tooth-Hacker?

From Julie M. and DR. PHIL: Lovie says her son is not the monster in the media?!

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