Samyang curry terrorist noodles, OREGON TRAIL coronavirus, SHE and HER

Overpriced lemon-mint hand sanitizer! It’s April Fools Day 2020 today. UGH! I went out at 5:35 on a 407 to do some shopping at London Drugs. Then I got NEW All Clean lemon-mint spray hand sanitizer for $2 cheaper than the pharmacy next door, on-sale Natural Choice multi-purpose printer paper, on-sale HERSHEY’S cookies and cream Easter eggs, on-sale Hershey’s Reese Eggies, an on-sale Frankford cookies and cream Easter bunny, a new iDesign shower mat, new Splash shower curtain hooks, and NEW Amarena Cherry / O111range Porta chocolate bars x2.

Noticed that bus seats were actually closed and there was an announcement sign about giving people more space. Got home at 6:35 on another 407, and then noticed the marked / unmarked police cars right outside my window at 6:55. I’m beginning to think that this IS the 7 PM cheer for medical workers since they started up right around then, and left a couple minutes afterwards.

Translink says: Thanks for giving more space during the coronavirus pandemic!

SEAT CLOSED. For your safety during the coronavirus epidemic, this Translink bus seat is closed to support physical distancing between our passengers.

iDesign Chelsea 17 x 36 inches white rubber bath mat with skid-resistant suction cups!

All Clean Natural lemon-mint spray hand sanitizer!

All Clean lemon-mint spray hand sanitizer for $2 cheaper than the pharmacy next door! Limit one.

Hershey’s Reese Easter Eggies!

Hershey’s Cookies and Creme Easter eggs!

Frankford Cookies and Cream Easter bunny!

NEW Porta Amarena Cherry milk chocolate bar for $2!

NEW Porta Blood Orange milk chocolate bar for $2!

Someone gave me a free nickel by dropping it outside my door! How kind!

Some jabronie littered a disinfectant wipe right outside the side door entrance! UGH!

Samyang curry terrorist noodles with corn, green peas, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts! SPICY!

OREGON TRAIL: You have died of coronavirus.

No, that’s not how “she / her” works, RhinoBallerina… you’re also a cheater when you’re married since you admit to having “another partner”! I can assure you that only 1% of people care about pronouns. Don’t tell me to get over it. This was the last straw for me with the TrollXOver 30 Discord server. I had to leave! DO NOT SHOVE IT IN OTHER PEOPLE’S FACES!

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