French Woods, Lordville, Stalker, Lookout, Galilee?! / Easter 2020 Peeps Crocs?!

I went out at 12:30 on a 401 to London Drugs so I could get some NEW on-sale purple Dentyne Midnight Mint gum / a MARTEX bath towel / on-sale oversized Angel Oak towels x2 / on-sale Grand Patrician 400 thread count standard pillowcases x2 / Pine-Sol cleaning formula x2 in Spring Blossom and Lavender Clean scents. The toilet paper section was all sold out! I got home at 2, thanks to a patient 407 driver who waited for me to get my Asian old lady shopping cart safely on the bus (damn corners!) and off as well.

Deb texted me a link to Pastor Dan’s online sermon on Youtube today, which was actually comforting. Then Eric guessed what I was doing correctly – WOW! Frances texted me to see whether I was comfortable with going out with her in this coronavirus pandemic stage since she’s a healthcare worker – I’m fine with that, but we’ll see what the governmental guidelines are! Steph and Lisa are probably cancelling their Vancouver trip, too.

Then I went out with my shopping cart again at 6:30 on a 407 to Shoppers Drug Mart after checking the London Drugs website to find soup sold out: I found President’s Choice macaroni and cheese for $5 off (SALE!), so I got two, plus a can of Six Fortune straw mushrooms / a can of President’s Choice Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup / 14 cans of Campbell’s Ready-To-Serve soup at $2 each. Herbed Chicken with Rice, Hearty Vegetable Beef, and Classic Chicken Noodle Soup! Got home at 7:40 on another 407, which is fine by me since I had to launder my four new replacement towels and two replacement pillowcases. Everything came out dry, as I thought it would! MORE LAUNDRY!

Bad grammar, Campbells.ca! You should hire someone who knows the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE!

Zero toilet paper at London Drugs!

President’s Choice hearty chicken noodle soup!

Campbell’s classic chicken noodle soup!

Campbell’s Creamy Tomato soup!

Campbell’s Herbed Chicken with Rice soup!

Campbell’s Garden Vegetable Minestrone soup!

Campbell’s Homestyle Rustic Lentil soup!

Campbell’s Hearty Vegetable Beef soup!

Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder soup!

Pine Sol Lavender Clean!

Pine-Sol Spring Blossom cleaner!

Pine Sol Original cleaner!

NEW purple Midnight Mint Dentyne Ice gum!

Grand Patrician 400 thread count standard pillowcases!

Angel Oak oversized bath towels!

Quick-Dry bath towels!

Julie M. was on vacation and saw this map at a Pennsylvania visitor centre: French Woods, Lordville, STALKER, LOOKOUT, and GALILEE?!

From Julie: Peeps and Crocs are teaming up to create Easter Crocs for Easter 2020?!

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