Pure Nail Bar / Biggerstaff?! / Coronavirus T-shirt / Lent / Today and tomorrow!

After COFFEE TIME / SHOWER TIME / CLEANING FRIDGE TIME (yucky sticky prune juice!), I went out at 1:30 on a 401 to finally redeem that Pure Nail Bar gift card from Christmas 2019 for a pedicure before going to help with the kids. I thought I’d be on time, but NO… the 3 bus had to be late, a stroller had no idea what to do on the bus, and then there were traffic delays, causing me to be 10 minutes late! At least they didn’t have to call me or anything, and it was just after East 13th! It was pretty relaxing, and I got to choose a nail polish color – Shooting Star silver glitter! They had a fancy nail dryer and a fancy pink toe separator!

After I was done at 3:45, I texted Jon and asked whether he was at the park, then went to Save-On to kill time. I should have gone to the park instead since it took him 20 minutes to get back to me saying they were home now. Fine, sure, I’ll walk there – not a big deal, of course. Beckett wanted “Didibug!” which Jon asked about – it made sense, but what was it? Hiero drew me a Bat Signal and a lightning bolt, saying I could keep them in my pocket. I pointed out that it would probably fall out of my pocket, so I’ll keep them in my wallet’s zippered pouch instead! When I got home, I put the Bat Signal / lightning bolt / Cao Starvingbase Noodle HOO! guy in a Ziploc bag for extra protection.

Ayler was blocking Beckett’s access to the piano because Beckett would try to play it, and wanted to know if the real Dean could stay later to play “quiet soccer” while Jon taught his sister Lily. I told Dean that he must be special to Beckett – every time someone comes over, Beckett thinks it’s Dean! HAHAHA! “Dean! Dean! Dean!” When Harmony got home, she mentioned she was late because the pipeline protesters had been blocking UBC today – UGH! Then she saw silverfish in the bathroom, in her clothes! YUCK! I told her about the time that I had seen one CRAWLING ON MY COMPUTER DESK in summer 2017 – EW! Beckett wanted to say hi to Kayla, and of course was interested in her guitar and the rest of the students.

Jon gave me a tea rag to wipe Beckett’s nose with. He’s learned “NO!” and uses it frequently! I watched him knock over Jon’s violin while he was teaching Willie, and Jon said “NO, BECKETT.” A kid named Ethan came for a piano lesson, and his mom stayed in the room. Beckett was very interested in her phone! Ethan asked what I was doing there, so I said that was a good question – what did HE think? Jon answered when he didn’t have a response. I read the rest of the DOG MAN book to Hiero, who then wanted to draw Dog Man while Dean and Ayler transitioned to quieter origami.

We had pozole with hominy / chips / Greek yogurt / choy for dinner, plus an almond croissant. Beckett wanted to climb up on the couch and needed my help to sit / stand on the white chair. He picked up the word “funny” and the corresponding grin expression. “FUNNY! OPEN! Block! Magnet! Frog!” Of course he got upset when Ayler stole his stuff… I told Hiero that he had just touched the nose-wiping cloth with Beckett’s germs ALL OVER it, so Hiero went by himself to wash his hands quickly! Beckett also showed me where my own eyes / nose / mouth / ears were, with the correct words. He wanted to show me his orange half-shell, so he said “shell” – pretty good!

I left at 7:45, amazingly in enough time to catch the 7:55 3 bus that went to the station. However, I wouldn’t get home in time for the second period, because there was an electric scooter that took a minute or so to adjust herself in the bus. She didn’t deserve a guilt trip or anything, so I was outwardly patient. Then on the Canada Line at Aberdeen, there was an obstreperous guy who wouldn’t get off the train until threatened with the cops by the female attendants! Everyone was craning their necks to look – some old man asked if I was going to save him. Fuck, no! I’ll watch from safety! I FINALLY got home at 9:10 during the second intermission. The Canucks played the Coyotes tonight at 7:30, and lost 4-2 thanks to an empty-net goal from behind the Arizona net ALL the way to the other end of the ice.

Fancy nail dryer at Pure Nail Bar.

Fancy pink toe separators at Pure Nail Bar. Nail polish color from their array is Shooting Star Silver.

Pretty Shooting Star Silver toenails!

Better view of the Shooting Star Silver toenails!

I got this weird time glitch on Shiwa’s Discord server last night. March 3 is “today” while March 4 is both “tomorrow” and ‘today.” Okay, Discord…

From Jon and Harmony for Christmas 2019: Pure Nail Bar pink envelope and pink gift card for a pedicure, which I finally used this afternoon!

Biggerstaff tombstone?!

This is from Red’s Discord server. Coronavirus as a metal band T-shirt: CORONAVIRUS 2020 World Tour! China and Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, Middle East, South America. SCYTHES! HAHAHAHA!

From Julie: I’m giving up these little glasses of alcohol for Lent. I will be drinking big glasses of alcohol instead.

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