In love, delicates, strawberry chiffon, Chinese mushrooms, insurance, pork blood

Hester’s husband Ni interrupted me at 1:20 today to investigate my lamp fixture / light bulb cover note. “No safety concern” and “that’s the one that came with the building?” and “I have to think”! AIYA! I also had to be an adult (again) since Auntie Vonnie texted me a couple days ago to say the building insurance had expired, so I let Dad know instead. After a bunch of texts, I finally had to go to TXL in person (at least I know where it is?) today and sign a form, telling Sheryl to just bill my dad’s credit card instead since they have the number for that. I left at 2:10 on a 414.

Went to Kwong Chow for some Chinese mushroom / bok choy noodle soup afterwards since I’d only had a strawberry chiffon doughnut at Tim Horton’s beforehand, figuring I had just enough time between 3 buses to do so. Then some literal children and their knapsacks blocked my view of the intersection so I couldn’t see which bus was coming – I only JUST managed to get the Marine Drive station bus! FINALLY made plans with Frances via text for next Monday, the 17th, at the Oakridge White Spot. “I can pick exactly 6!” she said… dude, you’re actively making plans with another person?!

At the station, I went to T&T and got Samyang noodles x3 (regular fire noodles / 2X Spicy noodles / black bean noodles), then went to London Drugs on a 401 since I’d just missed the 407. I got a NEW white Evercare delicates laundry bag WITH A ZIPPER (I opened another package in the store to see if it had a zipper) from Aisle 4, then almost lost it because some lady stepped on it in the lineup for the cash register. The Asian lady in front of me thought the cashier was also Asian (so did I), so spoke Cantonese to her as she bought 15 bottles of on-sale Sunkist Vitamin C and three Arm and Hammer toothpaste tubes.

Turns out the cashier is actually Indonesian and doesn’t even know any Cantonese, although she attempted Mandarin. The lady gave me a thumbs-up after I told her that the clerk didn’t know any Chinese! The lady BEHIND ME wanted to go ahead of me, but NO – I was AHEAD of her! Then she thought I was stealing from the store because I had a huge reusable bag – I told her off! I finally got home at 6:15 on a 407! ENOUGH OF BEING AN ADULT! I also used Paulo as a reminder service, and complained about things to Mike.

This poop emoji is useful if you’re in love with the shit.

Strawberry Chiffon doughnut at Tim Horton’s!

Chinese mushroom and vegetable noodle soup at Kwong Chow!

They have pork BLOOD congee here at Kwong Chow…

Evercare delicates laundry bag with a zipper for things that shouldn’t go in the dryer, found in Aisle 4 of my nearest London Drugs! Much better for my slipper socks!

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