KidsExchange?! Master Bait and Tackle?! / Caulk falling out?! / Too many genders

There was snow this morning at 11 AM! Of all the people, Auntie Vonnie texted me (at least identifying herself, unlike either of my parents) saying that the building insurance had expired as of January 4, so I had to call Hester to find out if I still needed it (yes), and then tell her about the light bulb issue. “If the light bulb is broken, that’s your job. [NOT what I was calling about…] Turn the TV off. [NOT the TV! THE PRE-GAME SHOW!] Write a note. If I can’t understand you, you can’t understand me. [WTF?!]” Called the insurance office to see how much it was: $375!

I also got banned from R/Relationship_Advice for literally telling a guy that he was scum since his comment was “My girlfriend got raped and I’m having a hard time with it because I would have been her first if her ex hadn’t done that.” Fuck that! YOU ARE A SCUMBAG AND A SCUMBUCKET! Then someone on Youtube tried telling me how an insistence on proper spelling and grammar could be ableist and classist – HA HA HA! I don’t excuse it EVER unless you are a kid just learning how things work. The Canucks played Boston today at 4, and lost 4-0. I showered today.

From Julie and Anorak UK: KidsExchange?! Master Bait and Tackle?!

I about had a heart attack when some lady pointed towards my waist and said, “Looks like your caulk is falling out.”

From Mikey in the V4F Discord server: When there are too many new genders and you want to be clear: DICK OWNER!

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