After COFFEE TIME, I left at 12:35 on a 407 for my dentist appointment with Sean on FRASER instead of Oakridge – sigh. I had to leave myself plenty of time for getting lost (seeing Krista at Gilbert and Westminster – “Ontario is a magical place because I’ve never been there”?!), and had to take a 99 at Broadway / Cambie, and then an 8 Fraser bus around the corner at Fraser till I got to 19th, right across from Glad Tidings church. I would have been there earlier than half an hour early if SOME PEOPLE hadn’t hesitated for 45 microseconds at the Brighouse station elevator – BE EFFICIENT AND NOT SLOW WHEN OTHERS ARE PLAINLY WAITING FOR YOU AT THE DOOR! The new location has more space and okay enough wifi, plus actual hooks for your coats and things! I had to have an X-ray, but it’s not my fault that my mouth is SMALL! Learned that Sean is getting married in July, too! I have to wait till July to try The Pie Hole across the street because I got fluoride as part of my treatment today. Also got a receipt where the insurance paid 100%, but for some reason, I’m keeping it for now.

Went to the Broadway London Drugs to buy an on-sale Creature Chumper with 1500 Zorbees for Hiero’s birthday, on-sale Stemnex 4D Transforming Robots for Ayler’s birthday, on-sale Nescafé Taster’s Choice instant coffee in a 250g canister, and on-sale Andes candy cane Peppermint Crunch before going to Pho Extreme Xe Lua to have a large #17 and figure out the wi-fi from the nearby A&W. Some guy ahead of me was in a fucking hurry at the exit of London Drugs, saying “excuse me” – nope, we are both directly headed to the doors, so you will have to wait. I should have dawdled even more because he was an impatient ass! It’s not like I dropped anything, after all. I also had to deal with THE most recalcitrant self-checkout machine! It wouldn’t give me the correct start-up screen (thinking I had items to re-scan), wouldn’t give me enough time to find a barcode, wouldn’t let me scan something without a barcode (the coffee), and wouldn’t let me pay without calling an attendant! UGH! SO TIME-CONSUMING!

Finally got home at 5:20, and saw Hester and Ni, so told them about the mouse / steel wool problem, which luckily I had a photo of on my phone! I did notice an odd metallic clanking sound coming from my bag, which turned out to be two of Beckett’s red / white molecule balls from yesterday’s throwing activities. No wonder I noticed him standing at my bag looking into it, but he does have plenty of balls, so he should be fine till next week. He did seem interested in the safety fluorescent slap bracelet, too. I’m also going to wash the socks that Harmony loaned me.

Large #17 at Pho Extreme Xe Lua! Steak, flank, tendon, tripe, and fatty flank!

Creature Chumper with 1500 Zorbees!

Stemnex 4D Transforming Robots!

Nescafé Taster’s Choice instant coffee!

From Julie: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader BRIEFS and FUNNIEST EVER!

From Julie: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader blurb for BRIEFS and FUNNIEST EVER!

From Julie: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader STRANGE HISTORY! I actually have this one! STRANGE SCIENCE, too!


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