Belated family Christmas 2019 dinner! / Plop! / Knorr Three-Cheese Sidekicks!

After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME, Eric texted me to say that he was heading out from home, so could pick me up around 4. PHEW! At 4:25, he picked me up for the belated family Christmas 2019 dinner with the Fritos Hoops (in my new bag just to show it off) and the American Tourister suitcase and yellow-green Roots knapsack. We didn’t talk much on the way there, but that was just fine. At the house, we parked around the corner, and Jeremy was there as well to my surprise. I said hi to everyone and Ayler wanted to test my piano skills. He also wanted to test everyone’s math skills at dinner, oh boy! Hiero wanted to show me the PETER PAN library book, telling me who the characters were. I was interested to see if he liked it, anyway. He also cannonballed into his mom – not a good idea!

Beckett just wandered around, thinking that Eric’s watch was a ball (not really) and amusing us with his “yeah” answers to questions like “do you want a beer?” He’s picked up “please” and some other things while I was gone. Mom insisted on FaceTiming Steph at 8 PM there, and after she didn’t want to talk to Ayler (telling him that it was “too noisy”), she did want to see Beckett, who called her “Attie” too. He definitely wanted all the blueberries from the dessert, calling them “boh-boh” (like the pom-pom on the end of my Santa hat), and smiled when Jon got out the Dewdrops bottle for the kids! Later, he wanted me to put some cool sunglasses on him, then plopped down into my lap with what was a very dilapidated 4-page “100 Words” baby book. Turns out Harmony recycled most of the already-broken book when I was gone.

Told Randal about Henry’s “Dear Santa, my brother did it” shirt, which he seemed amused by. Ayler wanted to see how much taller I was since he’s 4 foot 2, and also used Eric as a piano bench because I’d used the actual bench to sit on at the dinner table. That was pretty funny! Hiero called everyone in the room “Captain America,” and Mom almost wore my coat when she left, thinking she’d left hers on the couch – NO! Mom also said she gave Deb a gift for taking me to the airport (why?!) and Dad wondered if I’d said thank you “enough.” *rolleyes* She also claims Pastor Dan is leaving VCEFC, but when I checked with Jon later, he was as surprised as I was, and Eric said “that’s what your mom says…” He had slept in and missed church this morning, but caught some of the last World Juniors hockey game. I got home at 8:45, which wasn’t bad at all. Jon thanked me in advance for coming this week. Interesting, indeed. Harmony said that they’d given me a pink Pure Nail Spa gift card, and to call ahead first. She also said that it looked like I’d had a fun trip – for sure!

Random stuff from Mom and Dad: Two wrapped plastic straws, a broken candy cane inside a Ziploc bag, Carnaby marshmallow Christmas trees x2, Ottogi Jin Ramen Ppushu Ppushu noodle snacks (BBQ x2 and Bulgogi) which expire in three weeks, Maruchan Instant Lunch beef ramen noodles x3, a Reese’s Pieces carrot, a pink Smarties bird, my $10 back, and two hats where the brims are too large.

Knorr Three-Cheese Sidekicks!


Carnaby marshmallow Christmas trees, a Reese’s Pieces carrot, and a pink Smarties bird. QUIRKY COINCIDENCE since it’s National Bird Day today, January 5!

Belated family and friends Christmas 2019 dinner: Duck with hair, soupy rice, chili, Chinese mushrooms, and sweet potatoes!

Dessert for our belated Christmas 2019 dinner: Candied citrus peel and homemade panna cotta with blueberries!

Seattle Chocolate truffles in the Woodland Cheer box for Christmas 2019 from white Eric!

Maruchan Instant Lunch beef ramen noodles!

Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu BBQ noodle snacks!

Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu bulgogi noodle snacks!

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