2019 Yearly Recap!

2019 Yearly Recap!

This is the 2019 recap. Fitting for the last day of the year, no?


* Hung out with Vanessa and baby Cassidy pre-surgery at Lansdowne: Fresh Elements bubble tea, good dumplings at the food court, GOLDEN DRAGON SUSHI, and more! She helped me open the ridiculous eyedrops bottles, too! [Jan. 7]

* Had eye cataract surgery at Mount St. Joseph’s – yikes! Luckily, I had love and support from my friends, and my parents DID drive me home! [Jan. 10]

* Had a one-day followup appointment at the eye clinic. Thank goodness that Barry was able to drive me! Things looked healthy! [Jan. 11]

* Crashed at Deb and Dylan’s for about a week. Declan and Elysse liked me from the start, and it was pretty interesting and funny. (“I have my dad’s old phone, Elysse.” “Did he die?!” Haha!) Lots of meals and Swiss Chalet plus lamb and ribs and packed lunches! I appreciated their support, for sure! [Jan. 11-16]

* Had my one-week followup appointment at the eye clinic. My eye still looked healthy and there is no need to rush on any new glasses! I got hit up for cash at Vancouver City Centre, but I said NO. He should have fucked off instead! [Jan. 17]

* Had Hiero’s birthday party: glow-in-the-dark bowling at Grandview Lanes! Dylan and Deb kindly gave me a ride back, and Mom did NOT have to insert herself into our post-church plans by thanking them for “looking after” me! [Jan. 20]


* Got a chance to three-way call with Kate and Pothead Mike right after the hockey game, which the Canucks won 4-3 in a shootout against the Flames! It was pretty good to hear their voices as we chatted about a bunch of things including Ed Kemper and the RCMP tank in Surrey. [Feb. 9]

* Finally got together with Frances Chan at Chipotle on Broadway after an eye clinic appointment earlier! The snow was finally melting! [Feb. 15]

* Had a hot pot lunch at Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot at Lansdowne with the parents. The endless construction meant that they had to pick me up because the bus stops weren’t operational at all. DUH, MOM! [Feb. 28]


* Learned that the endless construction and sewer upgrades were officially an exception to the noise bylaw. Also was woken up by a LOUD PIERCING NOISE from across the street at 5 AM! UGH! [Mar. 8]

* Had a hockey get-together, which was again a Canucks-Knights game, at Jeremy’s. (with Jeremy, Chinese Eric, Christon, Kevin, Randal) YAY FOR NEW FLOORING, PULLED PORK, AND COLESLAW! [Mar. 9]

* Had to go to an early (in more ways than one) birthday dinner for Harmony at Como Taperia. Way too much walking to Brighouse, man… [Mar. 10]

* Got together with some Reddit / Discord people at 12 Kings Pub for a wings night. It was good to meet some “superfriends” AND I had a ride there and back! [Mar. 12]

* Jimmy projected and called ME rude and boorish, so I blocked him again. How else is he supposed to learn not to be so bullheaded about my choices?! [Mar. 13]

* I finished a tagging and uploading mini-project WITHOUT anyone bugging me for “fun” messages – it went faster, that’s for sure! Got together at Holly’s place to meet Paulo (who lives two minutes away from me) for his belated birthday doings – Brian kindly gave me a ride there and back again, and I saw Darryl again as well. Definitely time for a gin and tonic with awesome discussion in a chill place! [Mar. 16]

* Lena blocked me?! WTF?! [Mar. 18]

* Finally got together with Chrystal at Pho Extreme Xe Lua! It was a good catch-up time! I noticed MORE eye floaters – WTF? [Mar. 22]

* Eric Ho came over to watch a lot of hockey, including the Canucks game against the Stars. As usual, I had a lot of treats for him! We had Deb’s Great Value All-Beef frozen lasagna for dinner, too! [Mar. 30]


* Went for $4 wings at Moxie’s with Brian, Holly, Paulo, Jeff, and Jeremy. Pretty good stuff indeed! [Apr. 1]

* Had a spontaneous lunch with Holly – whom I now suspect of being an extrovert – at Edo Japan and Froshberg Gelato at Richmond Centre. Chicken chop chop bowl and Holly’s treat of a Nutella White Chocolate scoop! It was pretty draining once dessert was over and done with, though. We did talk about a lot of stuff, but she still wanted to wait with me at the bus stop since the 401 would take 15 minutes to arrive… [Apr. 2]

* Had Steveston Pizza at Holly’s place with her, Holly, Paulo, and Darryl. I got the FIRE PIZZA, and it was pretty good. LEFTOVERS! [Apr. 9]

* Went to House of Dosas on Kingsway, then the Dark Manor on Fraser with Holly, Paulo, Brian, and Darryl. Spicy lamb vindaloo! 😀 [Apr. 12]

* Paulo came over for some instant noodles and ginger ale. He definitely needed the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream chaser after the Samyang curry chicken terrorist noodles! It was relaxing and chill, just what I want out of a hangout. 😀 [Apr. 18]

* Holly nuked the Superfriends server at random on Good Friday, so I made another one without her and Brian and Jeremy. [April 19]


* Had my second eye surgery. [May 8]

* Crashed at Deb and Dylan’s again in the immediate recovery from my eye surgery. It was chill for sure most of the time. Costco and Steveston Park! [May 8-16]

* Deb said I was the “instigator” for the small group reunion (minus Sharon), but that misused word was definitely okay. I got to see Jason, Vicky, baby Lucas, Pastor Dan, and white Eric again! White Eric also gave me a ride home! [May 16]

* Got together with Paulo at Enjoy 1+1 Café for an early dinner. Hong Kong-style café life! I saw a place called TYPICAL NOODLES in the same plaza, haha!

* Ayler and Beckett’s double birthday party at Douglas Park – woo! Ayler seemed to love all the gifts I got him (chocolate and stuffed toys and Funko Pop Spiderman), and Beckett liked crawling around to try to keep up with his cousins and brothers. [May 26]

* Hung out with Vanessa and baby Cassidy: good dumplings at the Lansdowne food court from R and H Chinese Foods, insurance inquiries, “The Best Shop” (har har), and salty cream matcha bubble tea with pudding from Coco Bubble Tea on No. 2 Road at Blundell Centre! [May 29]


* Eric M. unexpectedly called (and texted) me to see if I wanted to hang out with the guys at 12 Kings Pub for the Toronto Raptors-Golden State Warriors playoff basketball game 2. Sure, why not? I totally brought my phone, but still had a good time talking with both Erics, Jeremy, Randal, Christon, and Alice about stuff while we shared some nachos. Jeremy had to laugh at the coincidence of my reading THE MOST EVIL WOMEN IN HISTORY and Randal reading THE NEW EVIL, because great minds think alike! [June 2]

* Got two pairs of cargo shorts for the price of one at Richmond Centre! WOO! [June 4]

* I got $50 a month off my Shaw bill for the next two years, thanks to Rachel helping me! Finally got together with Frances for dinner at an out-of-the-way Pho place called Pho Han. Luckily, she picked me up at Aberdeen Station! [June 7]

* Went to a Father’s Day family dinner at Kwong Chow on Car-Free Day. Ayler wanted to eat the fish head, so we let him! Haha! [June 16]

* Paulo came over for Shin Ramyun BLACK noodles, a bit of the Samyang Fire 2X Spicy noodles, and Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice. I also got him to take a bunch of oatmeal home with him. [June 28]

* Went to Lion’s Den and Bells and Whistles for Randal’s birthday with him, both Erics, Jon, Nathan, Christon, Alice, and Kevin. [June 30]


* Went to an impromptu family dinner at Kwong Chow. [July 7]

* Beckett hugged me for the first time – YAY! [July 22]

* Went out to Kwong Chow again for Dad’s belated 70th birthday dinner. [July 28]


* Finally got to meet Nate! SO AWESOME! We went to Dublin Crossing pub at Marine Drive Station with a bunch of other V4F people. I had Guinness and Irish stew. [Aug. 21]

* Met up with Donald from Discord at No. 9 – he was going back to Grande Prairie the next day, and wanted some dinner. [Aug. 25]

* Had a family dinner at DON’T ARGUE pizzeria, which was within two days of closing for good. [Aug. 27]

* I knew that Beckett recognized me and hugged me and climbed on me to say hi – YAY! Chinese Eric wanted to either get me out for a BC Lions football game (NO!), or go to my place between Christon’s wedding and banquet. TOO MUCH FUCKING TALKING! UGH! [Aug. 29]

* Met up with Nick from Discord at the Richmond Public Market for dinner, where I’d be anyway for dinner. It was okay for sure! [Aug. 30]

* Christon and Alice’s wedding and banquet, both in Richmond for once! WOO! Unfortunately, Jon wanted to stay out ALL FUCKING DAY, and Eric went along with it for some reason even though he’s an introvert as well. JESUS CHRIST! [Aug. 31]


* Family birthday dinner at White Spot in Richmond Centre! Jon was very late, as usual. [Sept. 15]

* Helped with the kids for my birthday, and it’s not like they really know the difference. Beckett crawled over to say hi when I was eating dinner, then tried eating my dragon hoodie strings. CUTE! I abandoned my dinner to play with him for a bit, of course. [Sept. 17]

* Friends birthday dinner at the Cactus Club in Richmond Centre! Yay for Eric M., Eric H., Randal, and Jeremy! Billie did Maximum Flake Level by posting NO on the Facebook event wall when she was supposed to be there, and Nick said he “didn’t feel like” going to Richmond. You’re a fucking flaky millennial, got it. Jambalaya rice bowl, iced tea, and white chocolate cheesecake! [Sept. 21]

* Got together with Chrystal at Benkei Ramen right next door to the Broadway London Drugs! Spicy Akaoni Ramen served with pan-fried minced pork, green onion, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, special roasted garlic oil, and roasted sesame. Toppings: butter, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, spinach, kimchi, boiled egg, corn, green onion, cha siu, and cheese. [Sept. 27]


* Beckett recognized my voice and crawled to say hi to me, then didn’t want to be put to bed because he was having fun with the baby pop-up toy and word books! CUTE! I then found out that I couldn’t tag things anymore in Facebook photos – WTF?! [Oct. 1]

* Eric Ho came over for the first Canucks game of the 2019-2020 season! It was a 3-2 loss… [Oct. 2]

* Got together with Deb and Dylan for a belated birthday meal at Hanok: bulgogi beef hot pot, Asahi beer, and seafood pancakes! [Oct. 4]

* Got together with Auntie Catherine for a belated birthday meal at the Gloucester Café. [Oct. 15]


* The bus drivers went on a rolling strike and job action! YIKES! [Nov. 1]

* Went to Jeremy’s for Jon’s annual birthday Sunday dinner. Waterzooi De Poulet, Belgian chocolate cake, and more! [Nov. 24]

* Went to Do Chay Vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant for Jon’s family birthday dinner, on Kingsway and Knight. [Nov. 25]


* Got together with Chrystal for a December dinner at Pho Extreme Xe Lua. [Dec. 6]

* Went to Steph and Lisa’s! CHRISTMAS TIME! [Dec. 19-Jan. 1]

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