Michelle Christmas: A cool last name! Dolores Umbridge! HARRY POTTER! AZKABAN!

Michelle Christmas is an actual Facebook person – our mutual friends include Karla and Alice. She loves HARRY POTTER, and I played Wordscraper against her once.

Have You Seen This Wizard? AZKABAN PRISON! Approach with extreme caution! Do not attempt to use magic against this man. Any information leading to the arrest of this man shall be duly rewarded. Notify immediately by owl the Ministry of Magic. Witch Watchers Dept.

The proclamations are from HARRY POTTER. PROCLAMATION: Educational Decree #26: Boys and girls are not permitted to be within six inches of each other. PROCLAMATION: Educational Degree #9: Any student found in possession of sweets from unauthorized suppliers will be punished.

PROCLAMATION: Educational Decree #25: Broomsticks may not be flown on school grounds unless during authorized Quidditch practice. PROCLAMATION: Educational Decree #38: Non-educational toys and games are banned.

PROCLAMATION: Educational Decree #24: NO MUSIC to be played during study hours. PROCLAMATION: Educational Decree #23: Dolores Jane Umbridge has been appointed to the post of High Inquisitor. PROCLAMATION: Educational Decree #98: Those wishing to join the Inquisitorial Squad for extra credit may sign up at the High Inquisitor’s office.

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