Computer and lasagna! / Cards! / Noema Alavez Perez?! / Making a Snowquesha!

It’s Friday the 13th today!

Mom and Dad wanted to come by today to pick up the “remnants” of the broken Heys suitcase – good thing I found the broken handle INSIDE said luggage before they came by this morning at 10:50 AM, since I thought I’d lost it when it wasn’t anywhere on the floor nearby! Dad thought I needed to wash my hair since I wore the old Alaska sweatshirt with dandruff on it – uh, I was chilling at home and didn’t need to shower till LATER! Apparently, Mom had to use the bathroom even after going at Dr. Ruby’s (and apparently didn’t wash her hands at my place – GROSS!) – REALLY?! She also gave me a couple of medium candy canes for the boys in a produce bag (plus chocolate almonds for me in another produce bag), but I was happy to keep them for myself since Harmony didn’t want the boys to have too much sugar. Yeah, good luck with that one…

After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME and SHOWER TIME, I went out at 3 on an 401 to help with the kids. Harmony gave me some Children’s Hospital Christmas cards with white envelopes, so YAY FOR THAT! I also got a card and stickers from Julie in today’s mail, plus a surprising card and stickers from Janina, who deactivated her Facebook profile AGAIN a while ago. That was nice of her, though! Rishu wanted to call me anyway since I “couldn’t” make it in to the boonies of Richmond, but was so late about it that I should have just taken a shower at 1 instead of 11:45! Hurry up and wait – UGH!

Got to kill a bit of time at Marine Drive Station, but just spent it online near the statue where I could get a wifi signal from Dublin Crossing pub, and got to Harmony’s at about 4:30. She’d warned me about being quiet since Beckett was actually napping, and I said I’d be there soonish. The bus HAD to stop for two minutes at 41st, and then ran into rainy-day traffic crap at 20th or so… I’d rather be safe than in an accident, though! When I got in, the boys were reading a Mercy the Pig book, which I had to finish because Harmony had to tend to Beckett and the lasagna at the same time.

I read a few pages of CHINOOK CHRISTMAS – way too advanced for Ayler! – before I decided just to play with Beckett, who had just come out and was loopy. He gave me a bunch of toy balls and emotion eggs, wouldn’t respond “yeah” to my questions for a bit, and just stared at me for a while. Later, he did warm up (I got a hug!) and “read” the 100 Words book, saying something that vaguely sounded like “what’s that?” and pointing at a picture. Of course he knew where the balls were, but also called a kid’s head a “boh-boh,” which Hiero found hilarious! “HAHAHA, he called it a BALL!”

We had the aforementioned lasagna with kale and ricotta, cherry tomatoes, and grapes for dinner. Beckett was only slightly interested in this dinner, but at least did not upend his tray on the table this time. He cried and was upset, only smiling when he saw the Vitamin D bottle. No, of course we wouldn’t let him overdose on them. “NA NA NA!” he said about the Rice Krispies – he also seemed to like the Advent Calendar chocolate halves that he was allowed. Beckett said ATTIE to me, so YAY! He liked giving me emotion eggs, rolling some balls, playing with the shells, trying to fit the stacking blocks together (“Na na na!” he’d say when he wanted me to take it out), and finding the balloons on the stacking blocks AND the “Christmas tree ornaments” in the boys’ room. Then he was also more receptive to saying “yeah” to my questions and even grabbing some rolled balls himself. At least the baby pop-up toy still made him laugh, so YAY!

When Harmony was out of the room (having told me about location settings on my phone photos for everyone’s privacy reasons – which I figured out later at the bus stop), I asked Ayler what he really thought of screen time at school. He smiled and said he liked it because “it’s the opposite of what my mom wants.” HAHAHA, nice! Hiero said that he knows what the “other” meaning of PEE-PEE is, and was busy giving “presents” to his mom of random toys in egg cartons and boxes. Beckett repeated some words like “wow” and “after” when he heard us say them, with “MOMMY! BECKETT SAID WOW!” as a reaction from Hiero.

Myles dropped by at 8 (when the kids were still up), only to have Ayler accuse him: “Cou-fu is stealing our lasagna!” HAHAHAHA! No, Jon just made a couple of mega-batches! Myles also managed to fix the printer, which Beckett had somehow managed to knock offline. We talked briefly and side-hugged; while Harmony was preoccupied, Ayler said he had a question for me, but I had to come over and look at the computer keyboard. Sure, why not? He just wanted to know about the very top row of Function keys – at least he knows to ask me, because his parents probably won’t answer! Beckett said “Cou-fu” and “Attie” for Myles’ video, which was cute. Later on at 8:30, Harmony finally let me go – I was surprised when I was home at 9:30! I did say bye to Beckett, giving him a high-five and showing him that big gold “boh-boh” at Richmond Centre. They don’t need me on Tuesday because of the kids’ Christmas concert, so that’s just more time to do some stuff before my trip!

From Julie: When you find some weave on the road, so you make a Snowquesha! HAHAHAHAHA!

From Julie M. and her local news: Noema Alavez Perez is the mother of the missing Dulce Maria Alavez?! Her name is pronounced No-Emma, she’s 19, and has a five-year-old and a three-year-old and was going to have another kid soon as of September 2019?! SHE WAS 14 AS A FIRST-TIME MOM?!

Children’s Hospital Christmas cards: Let It Snow snowman and a Holiday Greetings reindeer!

Children’s Hospital Christmas cards: Joy To The World fox and a Happy Greetings penguin!

A Children’s Hospital bunny Christmas card with skating kids, snowman, and snowflakes! Jingle Bells!

Candy canes and Canada Dry ginger ale!

Stickers from Julie for Christmas 2019: A question mark, a football, a skull, a Rubik’s Cube, dice, UK sneakers, and a shoe on a skateboard!

Julie’s Christmas card for Christmas 2019 with a cool Santa!

Julie Christmas card 1 with gumdrops, snowmen, peppermint, and Christmas tree stickers! The B is BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!

Julie Christmas 2019 card 2 with candy, snowmen, gumdrops, peppermint, and cupcakes stickers!

Janina Christmas 2019 stickers 1 with STAR WARS, an anchor, a steering wheel, boats, and ships!

Janina Christmas 2019 stickers 2 with fruit, ice cream, watermelon, peaches, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, green apples, and ninjas in training!

Janina science stickers 3: SO SMART! Super job! School matters! You measure up! Looking good! School rules! WOW! So bright – discover! Great work!

Janina stickers 4 with Valentine’s hearts, cupcakes, birds, flowers, and robots!

Janina Christmas card 1 with stockings, ornaments, snowflakes, a walrus, candy canes, mittens, gloves, Christmas presents, and Santa Claus stickers!

Janina Christmas card 2 with reindeer, penguin, leaf, heart, and ornament stickers!

Janina Christmas card 3 – candy, dinosaur, panda, pig, and baby chick stickers!

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