ATTIE! A HUG! YUMMY! Snowflakes! Hot flashes! / Santa! / Water hitting a spoon!

After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 2:50 on a 401 to help with the kids. I would have taken the earlier 401, but someone took FIVE MINUTES to maneuver a wheelchair into that bus! I don’t expect people to be extremely fast when it comes to that, but I always appreciate the actual wheelchair users who are fast and efficient movers when they see others are waiting! (she was… not, and held up everyone else) There went any extra time I had to buy lotion and dish soap at Shoppers! At Marine Drive, I actually managed to get a 3 within a few minutes, which was amazing! No incessant talker today, thank goodness. Finally got to the apartment at about 4:10 in the rain, and Beckett was sitting on the mat and waiting for me – so cute! I gave the kids some Mars bars and Coffin Crisp plus a Christmas card later on. Hiero confused a CARD for a CAR, asking me where the Christmas CAR was, hahaha! Harmony set him straight, though. (my phone had randomly saved photos of Beckett eating out of a pot earlier, hahaha)

Ayler and Hiero did origami / cut-out snowflake crafts at the table after one too many “no scissors on the ground” directives that got ignored, so Beckett and I spent our time rolling balls to each other / being distracted by “boh-boh” (the bling on my white sweater AND the pom-pom on my Santa hat, which he batted around at times) / “reading” books while sitting on my lap (he picked up “yummy” from me!) / his giving me his blocks and balls and emotion eggs / his saying “yeah” to my simple questions of whether HE would get the balls instead of me (but he didn’t) / his knowing where my fuzzy purple winter coat was with all the big buttons. Harmony said that balls were his very favorite thing in the whole wide world, which I can believe! (LOTS OF ALLITERATION!) She’d taken him across the street since there was a Christmas tree with lots of ornaments, and he’d loved seeing all the “boh-boh!” He also wanted to look out the window, but was stymied by the Venetian blind being down, and thus blocking his view. His other window was blocked off by chairs and couches, but he managed to throw balls in that restricted area, which I of course got out for him.

We had pork and mushroom jong (sticky rice) with garlic, cherry tomatoes, gai lan, and water for dinner. Beckett actually ate more than usual, but Harmony thought that was down to the sticky rice, some of which did fall in his bib, but luckily did not smear or smudge on my Heat Holders socks! Ayler told me that he had a Christmas concert next week, and a winter party because his class had received a lot of points to go towards one. NICE! I asked if he was going to have ornaments, but he says no because it’s not Christmas. That made sense, I told him. After they learned about butterflies and cocoons and the chrysalis, Ayler wanted to hug me! I said that he could hug me, paused, and added “only if you want to.” He did! That was amazing!

Ayler and Hiero didn’t like it when Beckett climbed on them, but he’s so light! While Harmony was out of the room for a bit, Ayler told me that he gets screen time at school (as does Hiero), and his mom doesn’t like it. I had to laugh, since I could see this coming years ago! When I left the apartment at 7:50 (so late!), Harmony said that Beckett had called me “Attie,” and he called me that again while pointing to me. HE KNOWS WHO I AM AND WHAT MY NAME IS – SO CUTE!Hiero told me seriously that his school friend knows Punjabi and she wanted to teach him some language skills – good for them! Harmony wanted to know if I could come on Friday the 13th, so I said yes. As it turned out, I hope fervently that I used up ALL my “bad luck” tonight – I kept on missing trains and buses galore! EVERY SINGLE ONE! I got home at 10, which is pretty fucking late!

From Reddit: For the first time since January 10th, 2006 (which was also a Tuesday), the Vancouver Canucks will finally host the Toronto Maple Leafs at 7 PM PST. The Canucks played Toronto tonight at 7, and lost 4-1. UGH!

Random stuff from the family: Novelty HOT FLASHES socks from Hatley, Ontrue roasted seaweed in Wasabi flavor, a pink “XXL” Xi Fu Fen pajama set (more like Small), a light brown Rice Balls (actual brand name) sweater with purple stars from Korea, and a 52mL tube of Colgate MaxFresh Knock Out toothpaste.

From Julie: When you’re washing the dishes and the water hits a spoon! WATER IN YOUR FACE AND ON YOUR CLOTHES!

Snowflake art on the bedroom door!

Hiero insisted on having a green heart on the bathroom door! No double-sided arrow, however!

Ontrue seasoned and roasted seaweed in Wasabi flavor! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Red bling shirt for Christmastime!

White bling sweater for Christmastime!


Thanks for the Hatley socks for my non-existent HOT FLASHES, Jon and Harmony…

A Rice Balls brown sweater made in Korea… thanks for the Engrish, Mom and Dad!

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