SUNDAY DINNER 2019 with Belgian food! / Coasters and gibberish! / Santa’s Sac!

Tonight’s menu:

Waterzooi de Poulet (vegetarian version available)
Moules Dijonaise
Homemade Bread with Einkorn Flour
Endive, Apple, and Walnut Salad
Martha Stewart’s Belgian Chocolate Cake

There will also be a limited selection of Belgian-style beers and beers made from breweries in Belgium.

After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 2:40 on a 401 to a sick Jeremy’s for Jon’s birthday dinner since Eric could give me a ride home after UBC hockey and helping in the kitchen. I bought on-sale Knorr Sidekicks in Chicken and Broccoli rice and pasta / Homestyle Cheddar / Chicken Fried Rice, some high-visibility fluorescent yellow-green stickers and slap bracelet straps from Dollar Land (FINALLY!), some 100 mL Vaseline lotion in the yellow tube for Ontario from Shoppers Drug Mart, and a small bag of NEW on-sale Takis Outlaw snacks from Buy-Low for the Gwei-Lo at Kingsgate Mall since I got there at 3:20. I managed to get to Jeremy’s at 4:35 after cutting through Dude Chilling Park, and Ayler wasn’t even there yet to lock me out like he did last year! Eric sent me a text while I was there to ask if I was here yet… crazy!

The kids got there a while later; Harmony said she was glad I was there already because then I could help her watch Beckett and take him from Jesse later on when he needed a break. Yeah, I let him look at the big screen for a minute – that’s not going to get him addicted! Jeremy said there were some unsafe things for babies behind the chairs – yes, I could see wires! Beckett toddled around and wanted to turn off the computer, which Ayler thought was a touchscreen again. I let Beckett touch my fuzzy purple Alia winter coat, go up on the couch (but NOT touch the Japanese painting), hold my hands as he walked around, spout gibberish about the glass table (he can see the carpet!) and point at the lights and new things, and give me all the beer coasters a few times over.

Yes, he could throw those around if he wanted to, but NOT the candles or anything else! NOT SUITABLE PROJECTILES! He was also eventually curious about Jeremy’s beard, like Ayler and Hiero had been. Ayler was smart and knew that I would have Advent calendars for them. He has a bonus dragon book since HE is a DRAGON too! The Santa stuffed dog was in my bag later when I got home, but I can give it to Beckett before my trip. Hiero wanted to be Batman or Superman in front of everyone.

I was civil and polite to Raymond when he was in the way and admiring Jeremy’s bookshelf while I wanted to get my UTHER book from my bag to show Trish later, and also when I handed him some dishes that needed to be washed. Caught up with Caleb (I saw his uncle William recently!), Becky, Alice, Jeremy, Randal, Jesse, Trish, Lanie, and Christon for sure. (Ayler’s math prowess / the Japanese soldier who refused to surrender until his commanding officer said so / my upcoming trip / writing / Jacob’s Well / SERVANTS / the Spain honeymoon / buying a new place and moving / a rice cooker / the microwave / Jeremy seeing Steph in the newspaper as a random RCMP officer and confirming with Jon)

I met Jon’s friend Mallory, noticed that his friend Jay had a “scent” about him, and “met” his friends Chris and Mallory. Since we all had to leave an hour or so earlier because Jeremy was feeling under the weather (bad timing as he got sick from his co-workers yesterday!), Eric and I actually left at 9 or so! We talked about gluten-free ice cream sandwiches being good for his mom and brother, his staying home at Christmas, FIRE EMBLEM, and a raccoon being outside near the dumpster when we got to my place at 9:30. (it was a milk jug…)

Trappiste Rochefort beer!

Santa’s Sac beer, haha!

Stuffed Santa dog!

Life hand sanitizer x3 for the holidays: Peppermint, Evergreen, and Gingerbread!

NEW Takis Outlaw spicy BBQ snacks in small bags!

Finally found some reflective hi-visibility straps and happy faces at Kingsgate Mall and Dollar Land!

Skull painting at Jeremy’s!

Mustard clams or Moules Dijonaise!

Belgian Dageraad beer!

Orval beer, Krampus beer, and Fraser Valley butter!

Belgian chocolate cake!

Nautical theme in Jeremy’s kitchen!


Uncut homemade Einkorn bread!

Homemade Einkorn flour bread!

Veggie garnish!

Endive, apple, and walnut salad!

Fish napkins!

Waterzooi de Poulet stew!

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