A salt rifle for $999! / Peculiar, Missouri?! / Nathson, Nathina, and Torrence?!

After COFFEE TIME, I left at 3:05 on a 401 for my appointment with Dr. Ruby (which was not exactly informative – but I did get my prescription renewed), but I had to hurry back after wasting time at the Dollar Tree and Big Crazy after not being able to find Advent calendars or dumplings! I did go to Shoppers for on-sale Jamison Vitamin D3 gummies (almost half-price!), NEW Lindt Milk Mint / Hazelnut truffles, NEW Life brand echinacea x120, NEW Delecto assorted dark chocolates in a purple box, NEW Cheetos Snowflakes, and NEW Hot Cocoa Hershey’s Kisses! The Canucks played Nashville today at 5, and won 6-3! FIVE POWER PLAY GOALS!

Chicken teriyaki and udon from Shoppers!

NEW Delecto assorted dark chocolates!

NHL Vintage Hockey Holiday Countdown Advent calendar!

NEW Lindt Milk Mint chocolate truffles!

NEW Lindt Hazelnut chocolate truffles!

Life brand echinacea x120!

Jamieson Vitamin D3 gummies: Orange, lemon, and strawberry!

Goin’ Bananas chips snacks! Original, Banana, or Barbecue! MONKEY!

Hot Cocoa Hershey’s Kisses!

Cheetos Snowflakes!

From Janina: A salt rifle selling for $999 in Amarillo, Texas. It’s made of Morton Salt and is definitely overpriced.

From List25: Peculiar, Missouri?!

From Youtube: Torrence White?! BAD SPELLING OF TERRENCE!

From Youtube: Nathson Fields?! Shouldn’t that be NATHAN FIELDS?! He also named his daughter NATHINA…

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