Witless Bay, Newfoundland?! / Chilling like a villain! / Taffany Shipp?! BAD SPELLING!

DOUBLE COFFEE TIME! Waiting for Auntie Bessy at Kam Do Bakery this morning proved to be a waste of 40 minutes all told. Good thing I just managed to get the 401 on the way there and the 407 on the way back, getting home at 9:40 AM when I’d left at 8:50 AM! Ugh! The Canucks played Winnipeg today at 5, and lost 4-1… ANOTHER EMPTY-NET GOAL?!

I then left at 7:40 to go to the IGA at Garden City Centre at Blundell, but first encountered a lady at the bus stop who somehow just could NOT wait ten minutes for a cigarette! She scrutinized the bus schedule and knew that the 401 would come in four minutes, so what did she do? Why, sat down on the bench and lit up a smoke, of course! Karma came for her in the form of a 401, so she had to butt it out on the bench before she got on the bus and then had a major coughing fit before she and a male companion got off at Minoru, presumably to smoke prior to whatever they REALLY wanted to do!

At least I saw that bus stop advertisement for Ocean’s Tuna: Ginger Lemon Sesame, Peri-Peri, and Sundried Tomato Tapenade! Wasted my time at IGA too, since they didn’t have the Fresh Gourmet The Better Chip in Jalapeno flavor: “It’s a Walmart brand!” they said as I bought NEW Pillsbury Pizza Pops in Double Cheeseburger flavor. I eventually got home at 9:25 after having to kill half an hour at Richmond Centre and buying frozen President’s Choice Brussels sprouts and frozen President’s Choice broccoli florets.

Witless Bay, Newfoundland?!

From Janina: I relate to the phrase “chilling like a villain.” It implies that I’m calm, but ready to murder at any time.

From Youtube: Taffany Shipp?! BAD SPELLING OF TIFFANY!

Red AMOUR sweatshirt from H and M!

Sriracha Blue Diamond almonds!

Smokehouse Blue Diamond almonds!

Kinder Joy eggs!

36 MEGA rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper!

Blistex lip balm x4 which have SHRUNK! Melon Medley / Berry Explosion / Triple Tropics / bonus Peaches and Cream!

Chicken Winner restaurant nearby!

Plain Greek yogurt from Oikos!

Vanilla Greek yogurt from Oikos!

Key lime Greek yogurt from Oikos!

President’s Choice frozen baby Brussels sprouts!

Ocean’s Tuna: Sundried Tomato Tapenade tuna!

Ocean’s Tuna: Ginger Lemon Sesame tuna!

Ocean’s Tuna: Peri-Peri tuna!

NEW Double Cheeseburger Pizza Pops in a special edition!

Fresh Gourmet The Better Chip: Jalapeno!

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