Dublin’s again with steak, prawns, Jameson whiskey, and Phillips Crookeder Ale!

After a shower in the afternoon, I left at 5:05 on a 407 to get to Marine Drive by about 5:30. Since the liquor store was right next door to Dublin Crossing Pub, I went there to select my Halloween 2019 beer for this season: Phillips Crookeder Ale it was! Steve took me to the meetup table – he knew what I meant by that phrase, hah! I saw Laura again, and met Jeff / Teri / a very late Evelyn. Later, I told Steve that Nate told me that he hadn’t responded to some drunken nonsense from the weekend, but Steve IS busy at (not “in”) work!

We talked about TORCHLIGHT, APEX, game screenshots, “electric poop,” Always changing their pad packaging to appeal to trans and “non-binary” people (really?!), Michelle’s love life, Brian coming to fix Laura’s dresser tomorrow, Winners being upstairs, moving to a smaller table (damn high stools!), Laura’s niece, my nephews, work, and other things. Then we all left at 8:20 – Laura and Teri went to Winners while Jeff happened to be going to the station as well, but he was heading to Broadway in the opposite direction! I was home at 9:05 on a 407, but I really should have left at 8 to be home half an hour earlier like I was yesterday! At least the Compass Card machines cooperated tonight…

NOTE TO SELF: According to Dan, I should have the Yorkshire Pudding and Tullamore whiskey (Johnnie Walker Black sample?) next time I’m here. Maybe I’ll remember if I write it down here, haha…

Steak and whiskey prawns! Grilled 8-ounce AAA Canadian top sirloin served with sautèed seasonal vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.

Jameson shot time: Marmalade and fudge, madeira, and a little cut grass note!

Halloween 2019 ale from the liquor store next door to the pub: Phillips Crookeder Tooth pumpkin ale, and Phillips Crooked Tooth pumpkin ale!

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