A silver dragon choker necklace! / Joann’s Halloween Mystical Skeleton Dragon!

Today is Dictionary Day! After COFFEE TIME, I left at 1:10 in the rain to see Rishu at Touchstone and have hot chocolate while I talked about my mom and the transit drama. I’d finished up a few Hangouts messages to Mike before I left, having called the Translink Lost Property Office and getting no luck there. I guess red Compass Cards really are valuable since you don’t have to top them up!

Then I called the BC Bus Pass Program since Barry can take a while to get back to me, and was put on hold for the next available representative. I HAD TO PEE SO BADLY, and DID! Also, I miraculously remembered my SIN. The guy said he’d put in a request for a replacement right away, and advised that it would be a $10 fee payable at my local bank once I got a letter in the mail. Well, I guess I’m not going too many places in the next two weeks! I did text white Eric, Paulo, and Kathy while I was out, too!

Once I finally got in my comfortable bubble of Richmond again, I saw a guy without any shoes or socks crossing the road to London Drugs. He was talking to himself, too. Come on now, control yourself in public! Then I got on the 401 (should have taken the 407) and came across that Down Syndrome lady on the bus. She thought her knitting bag deserved its own special seat on the rapidly-filling bus, so I said “EXCUSE ME” because she needed to move her fucking bag!

Then she took exception to what I said. “Next time, say excuse me, ma’am, can you please remove your bag?” I told her that she was not entitled to an extra seat and told her to fuck off. She also told a wheelchair user that she didn’t care if the rain fell on him since she didn’t care about him. What the fuck, “lady”?! I finally got home at 4, thank goodness!

From Julie M. and Wish: A silver dragon choker necklace!

From Julie: Joann’s sells a Maker’s Halloween Mystical Skeleton Dragon with Tail-Oil Slick!

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