Being 10/10 on 10/10, Deandre, Tyrah, Chrisanthea, Kendleigh, Karson, and Kobe?!

After FINALLY finding my Press-It-Seal-It envelopes in a Snapware container and then putting them in the index cards bag, I went to the pharmacy next door at 2 to get some new Tylenol Extra Strength Complete Cold, Cough, and Flu – my existing box expired last month (September 2019), but it was the only thing I had last night, and it seemed to be okay to take when I looked it up online. Shouldn’t have lost too much potency! They had a new trainee there, but Adam helped us both – just a packaging change, but the same drug ID number. Then I went to H and M to get a new red sweatshirt for $33 (damn toothpaste stains!), which was fine. I saw ANGEL CHEN sweatshirts for $40, but that was because they had DRAGON STITCHING on the sleeve!

Then I bused to London Drugs (one stop – but I needed the rest) to get on-sale pads x2 / NEW Live Clean foaming hand soap x3 (White Tea Cherry / Vanilla Bean Coconut / Lemon Mint), NEW $2 Weinrich’s Porta chocolate bars x4 for Jon’s birthday (Peppermint / Raspberry / Blueberry / Strawberry) / Dare Breton Veggie Bites (bite-sized crackers for Beckett!) for Thanksgiving dinner / Kortari kitchen scissors for the desk. Got home at 4:25 on a 407, whereupon I cancelled my appointment with Rishu because I still need to rest.

From Sampson in HS’s Discord server: This Shiba Inu Doge says, “Are you today’s date? Because you’re 10/10. Also, you are very pretty.”

Live Clean foaming hand soap: Vanilla Coconut, White Tea Cherry, and Lemon Mint.

Weinrich Porta Strawberry milk chocolate bar!

Weinrich Porta Peppermint dark chocolate bar!

Weinrich Porta Blueberry milk chocolate bar!

Weinrich Porta Raspberry milk chocolate bar!

Dare Breton Veggie Bites crackers!

From Julie: Deandre?!

From Julie: Tyrah?!

From Julie: Chrisanthea?! Is that a weird spelling of Chrysanthemum?!

From Julie: Kendleigh?!

From Julie: Karson again?! BAD SPELLING OF CARSON!

From Julie: Kobe is a white baby?!

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