Mars, Pennsylvania?! / Chinese Eric! / Hockey gear! / 12 Kings Raptors hangout?

The Canucks played Edmonton tonight at 7 in their first game of the 2019-2020 NHL season, and lost 3-2. Chinese Eric texted me yesterday afternoon wanting to come over today at 4 after lunch and errands, so I resigned myself to a lot of talking and said yes, getting the parking pass ready. I did have to give him the strawberry / original / mango / banana / peach / melon / apple Milkis cans, after all, and could also use him to pick up a carton of almond milk that I forgot last week at the store. He came by at 4 after COFFEE TIME and SHOWER TIME, wanting to watch the Leafs game, but also picked up a carton of almond-coconut milk from the store instead of the almond milk I wanted, saying that I’d failed to specify. IF I WANTED NASTY COCONUT MILK (WHICH I DON’T), I’D HAVE SAID SO! Then he said that printing out the Canucks schedule was a waste of paper – he should have seen how much paper I wasted on things which weren’t perfect to me! Besides, it works for me when I want to plan stuff during the hockey season – SO THERE!

He left at 5 to exchange the milk at Price Smart… GOOD! By that time, I’d composed the email to him / white Eric / Jeremy (who’d thanked me for my “Happy Birthday” email earlier) / Jon / Christon / Randal about his proposed 12 Kings hangout on October 22 to watch the Raptors championship banner unveiling after we figured out WHY their first preseason game was at 3 AM. (it’s in Tokyo…) We had the Dr. Oetker salted caramel cheesecake and Western Family 8-vegetable lasagna with multigrain pasta for dinner: Carrots / green and red Bell peppers / spinach / zucchini / cauliflower / broccoli / black olives! Also talked about his seeing Corey Hirsch at the art gallery, the Leafs-Senators game (Toronto won 5-3), bottled water, his doing the dishes, live-action remakes of things like ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS and ALADDIN, “you know” all the time (FILLER ANNOYANCE!), McDonalds / Tim Horton’s hockey cards, that Grow-A-Husband, my guestbook, the SIMPSONS, Channel 22 highlights, and more. Then he finally left soon after the game ended, at 9:40. Now it’s time for video game music to relax!

Mars, Pennsylvania?!

From John: Keep Calm – Hockey Is Back!

Canucks jersey!

Front of Reebok Canucks hat… GO CANUCKS GO!

Back of the Reebok Canucks hat with a Bathroom Reader!

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