Cletorius Aretha Fry in Virginia?! / Mistie Carlson?! / HOW TO SHARPEN PENCILS?!

Darryl wanted back in the server, so of course I let him in. Nate was like, “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU CONVINCE HIM TO JOIN? I have been trying for ages!” Well, I didn’t pressure him if that’s what you mean! I left at 2 (just missing an early 407) to go to Shoppers Drug Mart in hopes of getting a new Optimum card (which I did) – of course I had to wait 15 minutes for the next bus, and a further five minutes in line, but that’s okay. I’ll have to call customer service to transfer my points!

I encountered some girl who just made noises on the 407, too. Then I walked to London Drugs to get some NEW Tutti Gourmet Biscotti for National Biscotti Day tomorrow: Almond, Cocoa and Almond, Orange and Dark Chocolate, plus Pistachio / Cranberry / Anise! Got home at 3:05 on a 407 (and an old lady gave ME a seat?!), which is fine by me. Then my computer mouse buttons wouldn’t respond and it was skipping sometimes, but it worked again after a while – PHEW!

Cletorius Aretha Fry was wanted in VIRGINIA in January 2019?! HAHAHAHA!

From Crime Watch Daily: Mistie Carlson?! BAD SPELLING OF MISTY!


Mentos Pure Fresh Mint gum with green tea!

Mentos Pure Fresh Cherry Mint gum with green tea!

Tutti Gourmet Biscotti: Almond!

Tutti Gourmet Biscotti: Orange Dark Chocolate!

Tutti Gourmet Biscotti: Pistachio, Cranberry, and Anise! Being me, I had to edit this in MS Paint to include an Oxford comma as it SHOULD be!

Tutti Gourmet Biscotti: Chocolate and Almond!

Tutti Gourmet Biscotti: Cocoa and Almond!

Pan Ducale Bastoncini biscotti: Almond!

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