Steele Fortress?! / Cookie Sherron Jacobson?! / NO NAME being a Canada gem!

9/19/19 is also a palindrome date! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day today! Since Rishu wanted to change our appointment to a phone call because she’s sick (which worked for the hockey schedule and my not rushing to make it home in time), I went out at 12:30 on a 401 and went to Boston Pizza to redeem my free birthday dessert offer.

NEW Bourbon BBQ Chicken pizza and Chocolate Explosion Cheesecake it was! I got home at 2:35 on a 401, thanks to just missing an early 407. Luke, Violet Faith, Flaps, and Jimbo said no to Saturday. Rishu called at 4:25 from a blocked number, and that went fine.

NEW Bourbon BBQ Chicken pizza: House-made Bourbon BBQ Sauce, BBQ chicken, balsamic-roasted red onions, pizza mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and bacon, finished with a buttermilk ranch drizzle!

Free birthday dessert: Chocolate Explosion Cheesecake! I was Asian about it and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. Creamy chocolate mousse with chunks of cheesecake, caramel, toffee, pecans, and almonds on a chocolate crust.

Steele Fortress?!

From Crime Watch Daily: Cookie Sherron Jacobson?! BAD SPELLING OF SHARON!

From Julie M. and Only in Canada Memes: No Name is the gem of Canada. Every product is so unbelievably ominous, I really laugh my ass off every time I go shopping.

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