Sharky Laguna, Raven, Javante, Dre, Zaevion, Takara, Brittani, Paris, and Red?!

After LAUNDRY TIME (with the elevator STILL out of service…) and COFFEE TIME, I left at 12:15 for my Invisalign appointment, barely managing to get there on time thanks to a wheelchair JUST making me miss a Brighouse train at 12:35. (they’re definitely entitled to use the elevators and trains – I might have made it with the time it took to wheel the person in and out…) The technology simulator was pretty cool, at least.

I did see Dad, which is what I’d been expecting, so I briefly discussed it and he said no if the insurance didn’t cover it. I got brochures and the health angle, also expected. Once I finally got out of there at about 2, I saw Dad waiting downstairs. He unexpectedly gave me a ride home because it was really raining by then, and said a bunch of stuff about money and exactly why Mom thought finding the grave in Cuba was “urgent.” (Steph will go with her in October?!) At least I got home at 2:40 so I could finally eat!

My next dentist appointment is on Jan. 8 at 2 – I had to go home, check the actual Canucks schedule, and then call the office to change it from the 7th at 1. Then I decided to finally call Dr. Ruby’s office and found out that they can’t just do a six-month referral to the eye clinic over the phone, since I legally have to go to the office to set it up. UGH, FINE! I guess I know what I’m doing on the day before my birthday…

Sharky Laguana?!

From Julie: Raven?!

From Julie: Javante?! Makes me think of Java and coffee!

From Julie: Dre?! As in Dr. Dre?!

From Julie: Zaevion?!

From Julie: Takara?! She looks like one grumpy baby – maybe it’s her name more than being on TV!

From Julie: Brittani?! BAD SPELLING OF BRITTANY!

From Julie: This boy is named Paris?!

From Julie: Red?!

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