Los Cuervos Taqueria! / Bison skirt steak! / Ceviche tostada! / Sorry I’m late!

Discovered that the front door lock is stuck and recalcitrant again before Eric M. gave me a ride at 6:50 to Los Cuervos Taqueria around Kingsway and Fraser, so I wondered how long it would take me to get in later on. I had Jeremy’s 101 THINGS TO DO WITH BEER cookbook and birthday card, one bag of Indomie Goreng Chitato chips for Nathan’s dad since Chi-Tat To is very similar, Chinese Eric’s birthday card / Indomie Goreng Chitato chips x4 / iChoc Almond Orange, Classic, Super Nut, and White Chocolate Vanilla bars, and white Eric’s Western Family Swiss 72% dark chocolate bar / NEW Heidi Chocolate Intense / Ginger / Himalayan Salt chocolate bars and birthday card. Nathan did not show up, but I offloaded everything to everyone else.

Saw Acer and said hi to Quan and Gino, of course. Then I spontaneously invited Randal to my own birthday dinner. Chinese Eric was confusing as usual and said he just got my “birthday message” – uh, which one? Facebook birthday wish, a text message about a birthday, or something else? I think it’s best that we were just friends! He didn’t really explain it well at all. I got a bison skirt steak taco after seeing multiple people mention steak before I left, and then a ceviche tostada when that wasn’t quite enough food. First time trying ceviche, so that was quirky for sure! Jon asked if I could switch days this week – I told him that he should ask Harmony first before making executive decisions like that, and he said that it did come from her. Okay then, I can switch from Tuesday to Monday this week. I made sure my blog drafts were tagged correctly and everything as soon as I got home so I didn’t forget.

Jeremy and I talked about dragons and interesting topics like Greyhound not being there anymore for his Kelowna trips, and he said he could use that beer cookbook. After paying for the food, we all left at about the same time. I stopped at the door because I knew there was a step going down, and Chinese Eric wondered about that. Well, you don’t want me to find out where the step is by faceplanting… he agreed, but thought I’d had eye surgery for a reason. Yes, but that doesn’t mean my declining night vision has improved!

While Jon and Randal were trying to figure out whether they should go to 12 Kings, it started raining. I told them to arrive at a decision even if I’d be going home with white Eric either way since he has to get up at 7 AM tomorrow. (for some reason, Eric found it necessary to hang around while they made said decision…) We walked to Eric’s car and said the necessary farewells. Once I got home at 10, I was actually able to get in fairly quickly… phew! Then I discovered that Mom apparently thinks I still know Spanish because she wanted me to translate a long document for her. Nope, I’ve forgotten virtually all my Spanish 9! I just told her “nope, don’t know Spanish.” I just wanted to relax when I got home! Jon suggested Google Translate instead.

Sweatshirt or hoodie: Sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to come.

Ceviche tostada!

Bison skirt steak taco!

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