Christon and Alice’s wedding! / Damn extroverts! / Four Winds, Rocanini’s, Kirin

It’s International Bacon Day today!

After COFFEE TIME, Eric picked me up at 12:05 for the wedding. Chinese Eric had texted him “hey” and nothing else, so Eric asked me to see what was up with that. Apparently, he’d asked him whether he’d picked me up yet. The wedding was very religious and traditional on Religion Road at Fujian Evangelical Free Church. I was glad to see Jeremy and Nate at least! Yes, things were relatively quick, but COME ON!

Later, I learned that Jon insisted that we all have lunch at Four Winds Pub in Delta – REALLY? (me, him, both Erics, Nathan, Jeremy, and Wesley) Why didn’t you let someone know BEFORE I LEFT THE FUCKING HOUSE?! THAT’S the problem with spontaneity! I did NOT eat anything (the burritos were huge though!), and was very fucking annoyed with everyone – so just read and did not say much of anything. At least I got to talk to Nathan alone for a few minutes about his present feelings on weddings after all that had happened. He had had to do Citrus’s wedding afterwards, but said that now it was okay, and thanked me for asking.

After that, SOMEONE also wanted to go for good coffee at Rocanini’s in Steveston – can’t you think of what I want for once?! We talked about everyone staring at their phone – I was trying to bang out a relatively quick message to Mike with the reliable wi-fi while we were there. THEN we decamped to white Eric’s, where Veronica had kindly set up a table and chairs for us in the backyard before going to Van Dusen Gardens with Ron. At least I had water and ginger ale throughout the afternoon.

When we finally got to the restaurant, the parkade proved to be pretty confusing! I was at a table with everyone I knew, but we were stuck at the very back behind two pillars! We saw Deb, Dylan, Martin J. (who apparently also has an autistic kid), Martin T., Randal, Kevin, Isabel, Sheena, Lincoln, Karen, Vivian, and Geoffrey. We discussed the seating, “MORE TONGUE!” (we’re known for shenanigans), Quiznos, Singapore, durian mochi NOT being durian MOCHA, hair follicle transplants done by ROBOTS, Samaritan’s Purse, that lady who died because a metal straw pierced her brain, and the waiter taking the food platter away after he showed it to us BEFORE scooping it on our plates individually at the back. Some people had too much red / white wine, apparently including Alice’s mom, which is how the MORE TONGUE thing came about.

After everything was done, I STILL had to wait around for the cleanup crew (who’d been given thank-you cards beforehand so they couldn’t just “forget” about it), and then the loiterers! UGH! We did amuse ourselves at the photo booth, but STILL! Talked to Deb a bit about the summer, to Eric about PowerPoint (that’s a VERY VALID excuse to leave…), and to Jon about Tom Lee Music / Hiero not getting any bullet train toys / my being there on Tuesday / speech therapy. Just as Eric and I were about to FINALLY drive away at 10:30, Chinese Eric delayed us by asking where Nathan was. HOW SHOULD WE KNOW?! I said GOODNIGHT rather firmly, and FINALLY got home at 10:40. Yes, I live THAT close to Kirin!


* Kirin special platter with roasted suckling pig, sauteed prawns, and scallops with pureed truffle

* deep-fried crab claw wrapped with minced prawn

* bird nest soup with fish maw and Chinese ham

* live lobster in consomme with light ginger and green onion

* sliced wild catch California Mexico brand abalone braised with fish maw, Chinese mushroom, and peatips

* crispy skin free range chicken

* steamed live fish

* special fried rice with dried shrimp wrapped in lotus leaf

* E-Fu noodles stewed with two kinds of mushrooms in abalone sauce

* two kinds of Dim Sum dessert

* Kirin special sweetened soup

What do you mean, Four Winds Pub has no tacos?!

Roasted suckling pig and vegetarian goose!

Deep-fried crab claw, green peas, prawn, and scallop!

Birds nest soup with Chinese ham and fish maw!

Live lobster in consomme with ginger and green onion!

Abalone, Chinese mushroom, and peatips!

Crispy skin free-range chicken and a shrimp chip!

Longevity noodles / E-Fu noodles!

Fried rice with lotus leaf and shrimp!

Five years from now (our wedding day), I’ll be stabbing you with this same knife. Enjoy the cake, honey!

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