SO MUCH TEA! / Therapy, school, and climbing on me! / Eyes up here, Michael…

Dad picked me up at about 2:15, having dropped Ayler off at Brooke’s already. I opted just to carry the bag of stuff Mom wanted him to give to me, listening to him say that Mom wanted to make sure I was okay. Yeah, that would be fine most of the time for sure. The centre / hub for autism was all the way near the airport in a huge building with long hallways. I didn’t mind going in because it was so hot outside! Watched Ayler do a puzzle for the last bit of his session, and he apparently liked his obstacle course times. He’s all about the times! I texted Jon once we got into Vancouver (the bridge traffic was misleading), and we got there in reasonable time. When I reminded Ayler to be quiet, he basically said that I had to do that too – I know, but you need the reminder more than I do. Then again, it turned out that Beckett hadn’t slept at ALL!

Beckett climbed on me – which I guess is his way of saying hi – and laughed at the popping toy and my putting the soccer ball on top of my head, which guaranteed him more climbing time because he wanted to get it to toss around. Hiero said that if we wore our Canucks hockey stick shirts at the same time, we could be twins – he is right. Ayler wanted to refer to himself in the third person a lot, wanted to know what “calling someone out” was when it referred to these teens at the kiddy playground on their equipment, and said that he had big plans for Grade 2: biting his food in half so that nobody would steal it, hahaha! I said that nobody would really want his germs, anyway. When we went to the park, Beckett finally fell asleep, so Harmony told me about their Parksville trip: missed ferry connections, the beach not being suitable for Beckett because of broken glass and stuff, and the goats on the roof.

We got home in time for more playing and dinner – yum, noodles and rice with ground beef and tomato topping! I held Beckett when he wanted to bang away on the piano, made sure he was safe when he was playing with the soccer ball on the couch, and generally had fun with him. Ayler said that he could eat seven bowls of congee at Congee Noodle House – I don’t think so! Next week will be crazy for sure, but Tuesdays should work for me from now on if swimming lessons are Mondays.

Ayler was able to transpose songs into a minor key, which is good! Managed to text White Eric about this weekend – he says the wedding starts at 12:30 or 12:45, but he’ll have to pick me up an hour early at 11:30. Still earlier than I thought, I guess. I would have been home a LOT sooner had the 3 Main NOT decided to stop at 41st for six minutes or more! Passengers have connections to make and places to go! (I even left the house at 7:45 or so after listening to Ayler read a book) I FINALLY got home at 9:20 on a 407… I swear I’m taking the 3 Downtown, 9, and then the train / bus from Broadway!

Random stuff from Mom and Dad: Three random pairs of green and white ankle socks, 11 Princess Cruises ballpoint pens that largely DON’T WORK (what’s the point in saving me money, exactly?), Aloe Vera combination hair and body wash, 21 Bye Polar candies, two Princess Cruises chocolate squares, two old red chocolate hearts from Valentine’s Day, Twinings Tea UK (Jasmine) Green Tea x13, Bigelow Tea Cozy Chamomile x5, Bigelow Tea Darjeeling x1, Bigelow Tea Orange and Spice x1, Bigelow Tea Earl Grey x3, Bigelow Tea Lemon Lift x2, Bigelow Tea Plantation Mint x2, Princess Cruises Lotus Spa conditioner, 200 ruled sheets of Hilroy writing paper, a pair of +3 red reading glasses from Japan, SportKwik fingertip moistener (???), Princess Cruises Lotus Spa Linen Mist, Princess Cruises Lotus Spa Sisal Mitt, Japan Airlines red headphones, a maroon COLOR WALLET, Tim Hortons green tea x1, Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Plus tea x4, a random teabag of random tea leaves, and a Tazo Tea Earl Grey x1.

Kitty Sanchez to Michael Bluth in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT: “Eyes up here, Michael…”

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