DON’T ARGUE! / Towels / Drunk people / Buldak Topokki / Venis Goodman is a GUY?!

After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME, I went out at 4:20 on a 407 to have dinner with Jon and the family at Don’t Argue pizzeria, AKA Louie’s parents’ place, which is closing down on Friday. (that’s NOT easily Googleable, Jon!) I was so early to Marine Drive that I killed time at the usual place by buying a big bag of Lays lime chips and NEW Samyang Buldak Toppoki spicy noodles. DON’T ARGUE was pretty crowded with a line out the door, but at least Jon and the two oldest were there already. Jon wanted me to kick in $20 for beer since he ran out of cash just buying the pizza and salad. We discussed mushrooms, salami, arugula, STAR WARS books, Connect-The-Dots, plans for Thursday (and repeating everything to Mom, then having her repeat it back…), a picture with 1400 dots to connect in their book, Beckett NOT eating pizza, the older kids being more independent (I knew that already, Mom), and how I inadvertently bought our parents some beer. Fine, whatever.

After that, I personally saw no point in walking back to Jon’s place since there was nothing to do there for me, so I took the 3 to Broadway instead. There was a drunk guy that got on at 14th, delayed the bus driver by having to put his shirt on, magically had his fare, and then asked the entire front portion of the bus if we had any cigarettes. Ugh! I also wasted time at the Broadway London Drugs because they didn’t have any dark MARTEX bath towels… DOUBLE UGH! After going to the London Drugs nearest my place for a red MARTEX bath towel, I was finally home at 8:10, but then had to do a load of laundry even if the elevators are out of service AGAIN!

NEW Samyang Buldak Toppoki spicy noodles!

Chris H. has a GUY friend named VENIS Goodman?! BAD SPELLING OF VENUS, which should be a GIRL NAME anyway! Also, it reminds me of PENIS.

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