Surender Nada?! / Deaf Leopard, getting older, Hangman as public execution

Today is National Toilet Paper Day! I showered today after making tentative plans with Donald from the V4F server to have dinner somewhere in Richmond. We picked No. 9 Restaurant at 7 (I got there at 7:05), which was convenient for sure! Talked about Grand Prairie, working on the line, his cousin, server drama with Tony and Michelle, walking around downtown, computer science, discrete math, and his wanting to get a developer job out here someday. It wasn’t too bad – only $10 for me, which is still expensive for wonton mein and water dumplings! Got home at 8:35 on a 407, which is fine. Jon FINALLY said that “Louie’s parents’ pizza place” is Don’t Argue. Geez, you could have said THAT in the email and not made me message you on Facebook… but at least I have a time now of 5:30!

They had milk tea with real cheese foam topping at No. 9?! WTF?

Surender Nada is a Kabaddi athlete?!

From Diane and The Secret Nerd Base: The Deaf Leopard says, “What?”

Getting older is just one body part after another saying, “Ha ha. You think that’s bad? Watch this.”

From Pete and Pseudoscience Quackery and Other Nonsense: Hangman teaches kids that public execution is the only appropriate response to spelling words wrong.

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