Sunset BEACH barbecue, strange messages, Vancouver chart, thinking before I act

After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME, I left at 1:05 on a 407 for a sober BBQ, bringing along my Ziploc bag of utensils and a couple bags of regular chips. I also stopped by Shoppers at Richmond Centre to buy 100 No Name garbage bags for almost $20 because the Western Family ones under my sink were getting nasty! I shouldn’t store anything under there now! YES, I wiped that area!

Good thing I had Luke’s number because I thought it was at Sunset PARK (much closer!) instead of Sunset BEACH all the way downtown! (“Why go all the way down there?!” was what I texted Luke at the community centre… he laughed and later said that he liked me and my honesty) I texted Eric Ho and messaged Corey and Mike out of frustration as well, but eventually managed to make it there at about 4 by taking the 49 UBC to Langara Station, then to Yaletown-Roundhouse, then the 23 Beach shuttle bus across the street to Pacific / Jervis (right after Bute), where Luke eventually met me after I accidentally texted him from the bike path. Oops! I stepped off the path after that.

I met a few people like Luke (who’s the real MVP), TJ, Anant, Cami, and Faith / Violet. YES, VIOLET AND I ARE THE SAME HEIGHT! We discussed bearded dragons, geckos, hiking, hummus, baby carrots, Beyond Meat sausages, Veggie Crisps chips, BBQ sauce, ketchup, future hangouts, canoeing, renting problems, work, cannabis, my Miss Vickie’s “fancy” Signatures Hickory Salted chips AND Ziploc bag full of utensils (Faith thought I’d just meant a fork or something!), Josephine, Tony and Michelle NOT being mods anymore (thank CHRIST!), and other things. We left at 6, and I determined that Term wasn’t going home, but to the airport instead to pick up his brother. Going uphill with all my bulky heavy crap was JUST about doable… Finally got home at 7:10 thanks to the 407 cooperating and being later at Brighouse than the posted schedule, and I definitely had to have some whiskey!

Edit: I found out that Paul texted me at 7:45 to thank me for something, so I was wondering what was up with that. Turns out he wanted to thank me for today’s beach hangout, which I was not involved in organizing at ALL. Strange… no wonder he needs his own space!

At Sunset Beach with some new friends! Luke (beside me) is the real MVP!

No Name quick-tie garbage bags, 100 to a box! Hey, it was an EMERGENCY and I was lugging a bunch of crap to Sunset Beach anyway… NOT TO BE STORED UNDERNEATH THE SINK!

No Name drawstring garbage bags… 60 to a box!

From Reddit: What Vancouverites say, what they mean, and what others understand!

This grey T-shirt is from Julie M. and Wish: I was taught to think before I act, so if I smack the shit out of you, rest assured I’ve thought about it and I am confident in my decision.

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