Pumpkin spice SPAM, Dublin Crossing pub, finally meeting Nate, Ian, and Laura!

After COFFEE TIME, Corey got back to me on Discord and confirmed that yes, he did use Line to talk to people in Taiwan. I eventually managed to install the app successfully on both my phone and computer – PHEW! I also talked to Nate and Darryl, which went well. Later, I left at 4:30 to get to Dublin Crossing at Marine Drive Station. Turns out I was there early, but fought with the wi-fi connection when it seemed to be fine on Monday. Oh well… I went in the pub after texting back and forth with Ian, and got our table all nice and ready. There, the connection seemed more steady about 90% of the time. Phew.

I FINALLY GOT TO MEET NATE! IT WAS AWESOME! We talked about Paulo and what he’s doing, Steve, Darryl and how he’s fine with us and LOVES the big server drama now that he’s out of there, his thanking me for not being like Holly (I let them talk about whatever), Stefan and his girlfriend, how things like money and a relationship do not magically fix your problems, his girlfriend, Paris, the Asian red-face gene, Havarti, Ontario, hydro, therapy, and what certain people needed to hear. I also talked to Laura, Matt, Ian, Sarah, Megan, and some others. I JUST MISSED THE BRIGHOUSE TRAIN because the elevator took too long to come down from the train platform! JESUS CHRIST! At least it was a nice evening and I FINALLY got home at 9:55, just in time for the daily holidays!

From Cuya’s Discord server: Pumpkin Spice Spam, just in time for fall 2019!

Guinness time at Dublin Crossing!

Irish Stew with soda bread! Braised New Zealand lamb shoulder, root vegetables, russets, barley, green peas, and house-made potato dumplings in a rich beef broth. Served with our house-made warm cheddar caraway soda bread.

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