Vinay Pimplé as Pim-PLAY?! / Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright?! Toasties?

After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 11:10 on a 414 to see Sue, the housing manager at CHIMO. I saw a guy clapping his hands like a seal and slapping his knees on the shuttle bus, but he wasn’t wearing any headphones that I could see. What the heck?! Since I was going to the building anyway, I also took along the Lays chips and roasted seaweed for Rachel – Numb and Spicy Hot Pot, Wasabi, Kimchi, Deep-Ridged BBQ Pork, and Deep-Ridged Spicy Chicken! Sue seemed pretty understanding and encouraged me to advocate for myself, dropping Dave McDonald’s name, so perhaps I’ll do that. Squeaky wheel and all of that, I suppose. When the appointment ended an hour later (she thinks I’m animated and have skills and humor?!), it turned out that Daisy was out to lunch at just past 12-ish.

I figured I’d kill time by taking the 410 to Yaohan so I could find some curry cuttlefish at Curry House to horrify Mike with a food photo, haha. Turns out that they only had curry beef balls and the like, and Osaka Supermarket didn’t seem to have fresh cuttlefish either! I eventually went to Golden Rice Bowl and ordered broccoli and fried cuttlefish with fried noodles at 12:40 despite the fact that I’d eaten breakfast at 10, but finished the whole thing in one sitting after taking the requisite photo for Mike. That later turned out to be a bad idea since it’s been feeling like a rock all evening, but there was nothing I could do other than take two Pepto. Good thing it hasn’t made me feel overly BLERGH!

When I was trying to make my way out from Brighouse Station, an older man who slightly smelled like pee caused a delay in the elevator by trying to tell me to go back in the elevator, and THEN held everyone up by moving at a snail-like and glacial pace out the door. Why does it take you 30 seconds to take two steps and then be outside the elevator?! (I described this to Mike later, and he says I have a way with words! HAHAHA!) Time for a cane or walker, old man! I told him to hurry up, and he just gave me a dirty look! I’m not normally an impatient person, but others have PLACES TO GO AND CONNECTIONS TO MAKE!

Good thing this idiot didn’t cost me the time I needed to make it across the street to the 406 by Kam Do Bakery! I went back to the CHIMO building, and luckily, the door was open to Rachel’s work. So I asked Daisy to do me a favor and give a bag of stuff to Rachel next time she was in, thanks! She thanked me in turn, saying she’d put it in her room. That was nice and brief, and I finally got home at 2:35 WITHOUT encountering any more problems or delays.

Lunchtime at Yaohan: fried noodles, broccoli, woodear mushrooms, carrots, and fried cuttlefish. I ate off some of the tempura just so you could see the cuttlefish better.

Vinay Pimplé?! Pronounced Pim-PLAY?!

From Youtube: Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright?! Like ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, cheese toasties, and a female version of Warren?!

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