Popping toys and laughter! / Books and blocks / Shoplifters will be prostituted!

I finally called Chimo’s Housing Connect this morning at 9:15. Nancy is on sick leave, but I got an appointment with their housing manager Sue next Tuesday at 11:30 AM. After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME AND SHOWER TIME, I went out at 3:10 on a 401 to help with the kids again. Jon messaged me at 1:45 to wonder if I’d received Harma’s text message, but I had not. Yeah, I know she’s sick. She wanted me to come earlier, so I just called her instead. Sure, I could come by at 4-ish depending on “delays” and transit time… and it ended up being 4:30 because I just missed another 401 when I was on my way out!

Since Ayler and Hiero wanted to do puzzles in their cramped room, I let them while I hung out and read a book on the couch with Beckett’s screams as accompaniment. Eventually, he fell asleep and the boys came out to do Summer Reading. Hiero wanted to sit on my lap while Ayler and I alternated pages. “Can you read upside down, Hiero?” “I can’t even read right-side up.” Good point! They did tell me about busing to VBS. Later, Beckett did come out and wanted to toss everything around as per usual. They gave away the hard blue ball and hard red ball (his favorites!) plus some other stuff because he’d made a dent in the floor, hurt Ayler by indiscriminately tossing things, and had the potential to break a window… YIKES!

Like yesterday, Harmony thanked me for playing so nicely with the baby. We had penne, rutabaga, ratatouille, and honeydew for dinner. Ayler and Hiero did origami tricks with the Summer Reading logs, and Ayler told me about staccato and STORMS OF SATURN, while wanting to know what I felt about his practice runs of OUR DETECTIVE AGENCY. They kept getting better, which was what he wanted! Beckett wanted to play the piano too, so I supported him while he tried playing the high keys, but of course he isn’t tall enough yet, so I sat on the piano bench with him in my lap instead.

Later, I made him laugh by playing with the Little Tikes popping toy (yellow and purple) – I pressed on the purple part and it pooped out within a few seconds. He “helped” me by putting his finger on it, haha. As long as it amused him for a bit! He looked up at me and wanted me to repeat that over and over, which is fine. Once Ayler and Hiero finally got to bed at 8:05, I could leave the house – I got home at 9:30 thanks to having to wait a while for the 407. I wish they’d gone to bed ten minutes earlier! Since I figured it wouldn’t take forever and I might not miss a train, I held the elevator for a lady with crutches at Marine Drive. Her toes had splayed out – yikes! LUCKILY, I didn’t miss the Brighouse train!

Bit fucking extreme: Shoplifters will be prostituted! No exceptions!

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