$5 pizza! / Catch! Piano! / Quinn Hughes, Brock Boeser, and Elias Petterson!

After COFFEE TIME, I went out at 2:10 to get to Boston Pizza for their $5 individual pizza deal TODAY. While I was there, I got a text from Jon wanting to know if I could come at 4:30 instead. Sure, I’ll just kill more time than usual since it was two hours out at that point. At least I thought I was saving time by knowing what I wanted to order… I also dumped all my loose change on the restaurant, save for $1.25 for future laundry purposes. I got to Marine Drive Station at 3:35, so I killed time by going to T and T until 4 – Swanson’s ready to serve mushroom soup x5 cans, Numb and Spicy Hot Pot / Kimchi / Wasabi / Deep-Ridged Lays chips for Rachel sometime, and a new store card for me! Got to the closest intersection to Jon’s at 4:25 thanks to spotting the 3 bus behind the 10, so it was cool.

Ayler and Hiero were out, and Beckett was napping. Chatted to Jon a bit before his girl piano student arrived. At that time, I encouraged Beckett to eat halved cherries and grapes, and only one fell to the floor – that’s pretty good! Beckett definitely wanted to say hi to the student, but I managed to confine him to the mat by tossing his toy balls, especially the softer ones. When the boys got home, they told me about being late to VBS on the bus this morning before Hiero tried to hug Beckett against his will. Beckett just wanted to find Harmony all the time, which is normal and healthy. Harmony said she got Ayler’s bug (but he seems all better, showing me his piano music and origami tricks PLUS wanting to do a cartwheel on the mat) and has a fever which can’t make up its mind – oh no!

I didn’t mind reading a monkey book to Hiero and looking at Ayler’s Summer Reading log – wow, it seems like he wrote everything himself! Hiero wants to go to Japan to see the bullet trains – who knows, maybe my parents saw them in Japan on their trip! We had rutabaga, zucchini, nectarines, peaches, and penne for dinner. Beckett had yogurt and Cheerios, but again didn’t seem to eat too much. I think he had fun playing his version of catch with me, and also flipping the pages of his books! (eggs and balls and reading books, oh my!) Managed to get home at 9 on a 407, thanks to just managing to catch a 3 Marine Drive when I got to that bus stop near Save-On! If Harmony needs me tomorrow, I can do that as well no problem.

Individual Meateor pizza for $5 today as opposed to $14.29! Beefy Bolognese sauce, smoked ham, pepperoni, seasoned ground beef, spicy Italian sausage and pizza mozzarella!

Swanson’s Cream of Mushroom soup, ready to serve!

From Corbin: Quinn Hughes, Brock Boeser, and Elias Petterson with a rainbow filter!

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