Syncere Friends was in the news?! / Stryker Trahan and Mark Appel baseball?!

Before Paulo dropped by to share the Gizella mango cheesecake, I took a shower and threw some stuff away in the old Nester’s Market reusable bag. He showed up at 4; of course I didn’t mind if he rested on the couch while talking about Darryl, Nate, Steve’s new car, Jeff inviting him out for wings special at 12 Kings tonight (and Jeremy shit-talking him for that), V4F not being an exclusive club, reasonable “no disruptions” rules for meetups, his coming back to servers eventually (he can take all the time he needs), HURTS not being a great first word to use in public for the baby (what will people think?!), what people said about him, and seeing people in Oregon like his cousin. It was good to see him again – he left at 5, which is pretty reasonable. HE TOOK THE MANGO CHEESECAKE WITH HIM?! I immediately took the Dr. Oetker strawberry cheesecake out to thaw in the meantime – BACKUP CHEESECAKE!

I went out at 6:50 on a 401 to Price Smart so I could return the extra pasta and laundry detergent. The customer service girl Hannah was pretty slow because she lost her override privileges. Then I got NEW Dr. Oetker Canada Salted Caramel / Chocolate cheesecakes (NOT at Safeway?! NICE!), NEW on-sale Miss Vickie’s Signatures chips (Citrus and Black Peppercorn / Apple Cider Vinaigrette and Shallots), NIVEA Pearly Shines lip balm, (on-sale) Western Family potato and cheddar cheese perogies / melatonin / bean and bacon soup / key lime Greek yogurt / blueberry-pomegranate yogurt / large flocklined rubber gloves / no salt added pieces and stems mushrooms / sliced mushrooms, and UNOPENABLE Winter Creek oysters before returning home at 7:40 on a 407. Slightly later, I had the now-thawed strawberry cheesecake – IT WAS GOOD!

Last time I bought raw oysters: Mac’s raw oysters x2 for $15 (March 6, 2018)

Nivea Pearly Shine lip balm!

Miss Vickie’s Signatures: Apple cider vinaigrette and shallots chips!

Miss Vickie’s Signatures: Citrus and Black Peppercorn chips!

Miss Vickie’s Signatures: Hickory Smoked Salt chips!

Winter Creek oysters 1… BANNED FROM MY APARTMENT! I can’t open these kinds of jars!

Winter Creek oysters 2… BANNED FROM MY APARTMENT! I can’t open these kinds of jars!

Western Family blueberry-pomegranate yogurt… yay!

Western Family beans and bacon soup!

Western Family sliced mushrooms!

Western Family melatonin!

Western Family flocklined large rubber gloves!

Western Family No Salt Added Pieces and Stems mushrooms!

Western Family key lime Greek yogurt… yay!

Western Family potato and cheddar cheese perogies!

Western Family potato and cottage cheese perogies!

Syncere Friends was in the news?! QUIRKY COINCIDENCE since it’s International Friendship Day today on July 30!

Stryker Trahan?!

Mark Appel?!

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