Kwong Chow, fish heads, plans for tomorrow, Magnet with System Restore Disk

After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME and SHOWER TIME, I went out at 4:10 on a 407 for Dad’s belated 70th birthday dinner at Kwong Chow. I got a text from Jon saying that dinner was at 5:30 and they were at Granville Island (I’d already said I would be at Save-On), so I bought more (on-sale or NEW) Stagg Chili (Dynamite Hot / Southwest Chicken style) and Western Family things since Mom and Dad would be giving me a ride home anyway. Whole mushrooms, mushroom pieces and stems, hot chili con carne, original chili con carne, liquid honey, lemon juice, grated Italian Parmesan cheese, and beef / vegetable / chicken instant noodles! I still managed to get to the restaurant on time: Mom was already there and wanted me to call Jon to see if they’d left home yet. Luckily, I already knew their true whereabouts, and also knew that texting was easier than having to find a place to take a call. I always delete her voicemails, anyway. Too inconvenient…

They got to the restaurant soon enough (but not soon enough for Mom), and we ordered a while after that. Discussed the restaurant’s plastic bowls NOT being for the congee (Mom…), my “stealing” an extra plate from the dish pile for Jon (which caused one of the kids to say that stealing is wrong – hahaha), music school being over, plans for tomorrow / this week, Ayler eating the fish head again, Beckett slapping the table and being blocked from the TV screen, Auntie Kwai and dementia (and Dad not wanting to take on another person), Dollarama, Summer Reading Club (“I read to you – but you read the words I don’t know!”), Hiero trying some jellyfish, Holly’s move impacting her taxes because she’s an American citizen ($12,000?!), the growing tomato plants on the balcony, and waterslide adventures today with mint chocolate chip ice cream. We walked to Jon’s place, where I learned that Beckett now knows how to climb up onto the couch. Guess I should be extra-vigilant tomorrow!

On the way home, Mom wanted me to intercede with Martin and Rich about Vacation Bible School and getting someone else to administer Ayler’s medicine instead of Harmony having to travel a lot to VCEFC or wherever they’ll be. Nope, I am not doing that. I’m sure Wai-Mui and the other leaders have more important things to take care of… at least I got home at 7:30 instead of maybe an hour later! Spicy tofu triangles, spicy jellyfish, green beans with beef, red bean soup, tea, kombucha tea, chicken, beef yee mein, veggie congee, fish congee – what a dinner! The usual stuff, but still good! Maybe not after I tried eating 600 grams of tortellini earlier, though…

Random stuff from Mom and Dad: A yellow sweet Korean melon, a random pair of yellow socks with “fun” designs, two Chinese posters of oxen / birds / dragons with stickers and five bookmarks, “washed Mom grapes” in a paper bag (purple grapes), a pack of four 32-page Hilroy exercise books from Staples, six Hilroy 80-page one-subject red and purple notebooks also from Staples, Korean Kwangchun Healthful roasted seaweed x10, and six cans of strawberry Milkis carbonated drinks. (Snoopy and umbrellas!)

900g of No Name elbow macaroni, 900g of No Name fettuccini, a bag of random Japanese roasted green tea, random Chinese green tea powder x4, Twinings Earl Grey tea x7, a random Chinese green tea bag, Yama Moto Yama green tea bags x8, Bigelow Orange and Spice herbal tea bags x3, a Mighty Leaf Marrakesh mint green tea bag, Bigelow Darjeeling black tea x3, and a Twinings 100% pure oolong tea bag.

System Restore Disk: Do Not Erase! What’s wrong with this photo?!

Stagg Chili: Dynamite Hot with habanero!

Stagg Chili: Southwest Chicken style!

No Name Fettuccine!

No Name elbow macaroni – carbs ahoy!

Milk and yogurt Lotte Milkis in a bottle!

Lotte Milkis in Strawberry flavor with Snoopy on the can!

Thanks for the Grow-A-Husband, Jon and Harmony… “Watch it… grow! Stick it in water and watch it grow! It can grow up to 600%! He won’t fart in bed. Loves your cooking. Full of compliments. Supports your shopping habit. He loves chick flicks. Grow this husband because he won’t grow a huge beer belly or turn into a jerk! The only thing growing on this husband is his undying love for you!!! Remember… marriage is grand… but divorce costs a hundred grand!”

Random Chinese poster of oxen!

Random Chinese dragon poster!

Chinese bird stickers and five Chinese bookmarks!

Western Family regular mushroom pieces and stems!

Western Family hot chili con carne with red beans and pink beans!

Western Family whole mushrooms!

Western Family red Italian Parmesan grated cheese!

Western Family liquid honey!

Western Family lemon juice!

Western Family original chili con carne!

Western Family vegetable instant noodles!

Western Family beef instant noodles!

Western Family chicken instant noodles!

Western Family Calcium, Lime, and Rust CLR remover!

Western Family six-bean blend: chickpeas, red kidney beans, black eyed peas, white beans, Romano beans, and baby Lima beans! I gave a can to Paulo.

Korean Kwangchun Healthful roasted seaweed!

A four-pack of Hilroy Staples exercise books: blue, yellow, pink, and green!

A red Hilroy Staples 80-page one-subject notebook!

A purple Hilroy Staples 80-page one-subject notebook!

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