Cool Chinese Restaurant, Chapstick, Bellagio Gelato, safety hugs, puzzle pieces

After DOUBLE COFFEE TIME, I went out at 3:05 on a 407 bus to help with the kids at 4. I checked to see if Shoppers had any cheaper lip balm – I was unwilling to pay $9.99 for a little tube of Burt’s Bees once I finally found it at the back of the store (even London Drugs has it for cheaper!), so I went straight to Mount Pleasant instead. Turns out Jon wanted to meet at Bellagio Gelato – worked for me, even if I had to wait for a bit. Hell, I could just hop on their wi-fi from just outside the doors. They showed up at about 4:45, and Ayler asked how long I’d been waiting, and about my route. I joked and said five hours, then revised it to 15 minutes. Beckett didn’t seem to like his sunhat, but the kids got white bubblegum gelato (with no bubble gum pieces!) while I got some raspberry sorbetto. Of course I did the polite thing and thanked the ug! We tried offering some to Beckett, but he turned his head away like his brothers had when they were one year old. Maybe when he’s four years old, he’ll like it!

Ayler, Hiero, and I talked about the puzzle with the most pieces: 551,232 pieces?! I totally blew their minds with that factoid! They were impressed by the photo which I was able to find online, too. We walked or ran back home – with lectures about stranger danger and people possibly grabbing them – and I was able to hang out with the kids and Harmony. Catching Beckett whenever he crawled to the back window because he threw his red ball around, preventing him from fitting under the couch, his chewing toys and seeming interested in the Christmas baby books at times, almost tripping over crap in the way (hopefully not hurting Beckett), flossing, and ODE TO JOY piano music.

More origami, SIMON SAYS, some calorific pasta for Beckett (who just threw everything on the floor anyway), what had lots of calories, school and therapy, calling Dad for his birthday, reading books about bikes and trains, the double-layer puzzle, salad, Chinese noodles with peanut sauce, allergies, blueberries, calories, corn on the cob, and hugging Beckett to me when his brothers were being too rambunctious with pinches and he wanted support and security since we were all in a tiny circle… that was heartwarming and he wasn’t scared of me! Ayler wanted me to come next week – sure, but do I have to smell their poo air?! They laughed at that, of course. I was able to leave at about 8 (Harmony thinks I did a good job with all the kids?!), grabbed the 3 Marine Drive Station bus, and was able to find some more lip balm x4 while I was out… gotta have backups! At least I was able to find the beauty section at the supermarket – $1.79 for one tube is way better than $9.99 to $11.99, no matter if Burt’s Bees is more “quality” than Chapstick! I also grabbed a pack of Paldo Bul Jjamppong noodles on my way out. Got home at 9:30 on a 407, which is good.

Yes, there is a literal Cool Chinese Restaurant near my place. They took over the old space when the old Mad Greek owners retired!

Cherry Chapstick!

Mint Chapstick!

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