Happy Kampire?! (happy camper) / Chicken rude and unreasonable! / Bagged milk!

Today is Bastille Day! I showered today – yup, I’ll be at Jon’s tomorrow at about 2:30 or so.

Happy Kampire?! (happy camper)

From Candy: Chicken rude and unreasonable?! I think they meant to translate “Jerk Chicken” on this menu…

From Julie M. and Only In Canada: “I really like bothering people outside Ontario and Quebec by posting pictures of bagged milk because the concept is so foreign to them and they go crazy.” I actually remember bagged milk from my early 80s childhood here in BC! You had to cut the corner of the bag after putting it in the milk jug!

2 Responses to “Happy Kampire?! (happy camper) / Chicken rude and unreasonable! / Bagged milk!”

  1. Hi! If I may, Kampire is not a translation (or an attempt) of “camper” nor is it a typo. It is a name in Kinyarwanda (language from the republic of Rwanda in Africa). Please understand that you are using the name of a real person as a joke.
    In my opinion you should use any jokes (starting by editing this post) but people’s names (especially because you might find cases like this one).
    Thank you.

    • No, I’m not editing my post. If you really want to be angry about such a thing, take it to Deadspin’s Name of the Year 2019 tournament. They started it. I just collect weird and funny names. Happy Kampire does sound very much like Happy Camper.

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