Kwong Chow! / Red Rose tea / Habanero sauce! / Wednesday?! / Kermit Sprinkles?!

After COFFEE TIME, I had to go out at 4:10 on a 407 for a Kwong Chow dinner. Since I was out anyway, I bought three pairs of London Naturals foam scour sponges, a Snapple half and half iced tea / lemonade for aspirin purposes, and a bag of 20 KitKat chocolate mini-bars for National Chocolate Day for Ayler and Hiero at London Drugs. We had fish congee, spicy tofu triangles, a different kind of Chinese fish, pork intestines with pickled vegetables, green beans with spicy beef, half a chicken, and tomato fried rice with red sauce / white sauce / shrimp / pork for dinner. Ayler tried his first pork intestine since he was curious about them, and chewed through half of it before deciding he didn’t like them that much. Hiero didn’t want to try one at all.

Beckett was in a high chair and screaming happily. He was being shielded from the “evil” TV, and the family made care plans for this week. The boys seemed to like their Seattle trip, even if one of them dumped a plastic dinosaur down the toilet this morning at the AirBnB! They told us about the monorail, the water table at the Children’s Museum, the chocolate shop, the $25 per person baseball game with hot dogs, Pike Place Market being really crowded, and more. Seemed like a fun trip for sure! The kids wanted to race on our way to their house, but that wasn’t a good idea right after dinner! I apparently have to wait for the lards’ call on Wednesday morning – no melatonin the night before, PLUS coffee and the phone on then, before going to Aberdeen and Parker Place!

I finally got home at 8:05 on a 401, and no, I did NOT want to be dropped off at 49th instead of 41st simply because it was easier for Mom. Even Dad was annoyed! Mom also wants to NOT pay for three pairs of reading glasses instead of “just two since it would be too expensive” – if she balks at that, I’m sure she’s not going to like the cost of any proposed Invisalign! Sorry, Sean…

Random stuff from Mom and Dad, inside a Safeway bag: a tiny bottle of Mayanik Habanero Pepper Sauces Habanero Chile Verde sauce, Red Rose Tea in Orange Pekoe flavor x5 teabags, plus three random pairs of thin socks. Green-blue, blue and white, plus white and blue!

20 mini Kit-Kat bars!

Mayanik Habanero Chile Verde sauce!

Red Rose Tea in Orange Pekoe flavor!

Kermit Sprinkles?!

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