Penistone Paramount, England?! / Burning bodies at home! / Thumbs-up clock!

After COFFEE TIME and a phone call from Uncle Andrew’s office to reschedule my appointment tomorrow till next Friday (so I had time to take a shower for today AND revise my blog drafts), I left at 2:30 on a 401 for my appointment at 3 with King-Lok at Touchstone. Buswell was hard to find! Now I know it’s behind Saba and pretty near the Richmond Public Market and has a red awning, thanks to the Chinese guys at a nearby business. The appointment went okay, but I didn’t know I’d have to score everything afterwards. I was 15 minutes late, which is a great impression to make, but in my defense, I was busy trying to find the place! Yes, it was a largely understanding and respectful experience.

I then went to Captain Wa in the Richmond Public Market for an order of $2 vegetable spring rolls, and walked to London Drugs for Softsoap x2 since I was running out with no backup! Got Juicy Melon and Cucumber plus Vanilla Brown Sugar, and was home at 5 on a 407. Marietta saw me borrowing the medical building’s wi-fi and said hi, so I greeted her back, of course. I also decided to email Rachel an update just because. I’ll call Dr. Kirker’s retina specialist office again tomorrow for that legally-required referral, and just sent Jon a message about next week’s availability even if they’re probably in Seattle by now.

Softsoap Juicy Melon and Crisp Cucumber refill hand soap!

Vegetable spring rolls from Captain Wa in Richmond Public Market!

Penistone Paramount, South Yorkshire, England?!

From Janina: I’m getting so sick of these double standards. Burn a body at a mortuary and you’re “doing your job.” Do it at home and you’re “destroying evidence.”

From Julie: A thumbs-up clock or a thumbs-up watch! Next time!

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