Lion’s Den! / Bells and Whistles! / Randal / BUFF BERNIE?! / Vancouver Special

After COFFEE TIME / SHOWER TIME / LAUNDRY TIME, Eric picked me up at 6:10 so we could go to Lion’s Den plus Bells and Whistles for Randal’s birthday thing. Thank goodness for texting! I wore my Spirit of Nature “Canada D’Eh!” moose T-shirt in honor of Canada Day long weekend, of course. Kevin, Eric Ho, Eric M., Jeremy, Randal, and I discussed chimerism in humans, jerk chicken, curry goat, ginger beer, Jamaican patties, working security at the NHL Draft in Vancouver recently, Kaapo Kakko, Jim Benning and the number 6 (NOT 666), my NOT wanting Eric to put his styrofoam (teriyaki chicken) leftovers box in my tote bag without a plastic bag because it would spill all over, Christon and Alice coming really late to Bells and Whistles, my “famous” handwritten birthday card for Randal, Grace hot sauce, the Scoville scale, and the world’s youngest mother.

It took 15 minutes for us to get the bill and pay because Kevin wanted our bills to have an additional amount for Randal’s stuff. I didn’t mind paying part of Randal’s bill, but can’t we do that among ourselves without wasting time? I don’t mind the owner talking to someone in a wheelchair, but that was before she took our request for the bill. We did meet the owner and heard her story, just like that time we were there years ago. I knew the immediate area looked vaguely familiar!

Later, we ordered various beers (Kevin had a Pilsner and Randal had a stout while I had a Vancouver Special West Coast IPA) and Jon showed up to order garlic fries at Bells and Whistles. I was on my phone (Jon asked how I liked it after I gave him some used printer paper for Hiero’s origami creations), but paid attention to CANADIAN BACON while texting Pothead Mike about stuff on Google Hangouts. Eric and I left after Kevin and Jeremy did – discussed chicken and waffles, anime, DARK SOULS, SHINING FORCE, the Nintendo Switch, and cleaning up after Christon’s wedding at Kirin. Hopefully, it won’t be like the time Mike wanted to help out at Tony and Trish’s wedding after an already long day! Got home at 10:30 and discussed the questionable smell outside – at least it didn’t smell like shit like on Thursday evening!

Canada D’Eh! moose T-shirt for Canada Day!

Jerk chicken from the Lion’s Den!

Grace ginger beer!

Grace hot pepper sauce!

Vancouver Special West Coast IPA from Bells and Whistles!

From Julie: Buff Bernie coloring book?! BUFF BERNIE: A COLORING BOOK FOR BERNIACS!

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