Happy Tau Day! Double Pi Day! / Grammar Nazi / Mallex Smith?! / Wynter Turner?!

I went to the eye clinic at 9:45 on a 401 (which I got just in time) for the six-week followup today at 10:45 after COFFEE TIME (20/30 vision is a good improvement even if I can’t read fine print), then had lunch at Yaohan before seeing Rachel at the Caring Place for the last time. At Brighouse, I encountered a rude wheelchair old man idiot who assumed I was cutting him off at the fare gates – nope, I’m just faster than you, and other people also have places to go! He should also watch what he says and isn’t the only person entitled to the fare gates. Any empathy I might have had for him having only one leg was just drained in that moment.

Dr. Wise recommended cheap reading glasses for now since my eyes still look healthy, and wants me to come back in six months on January 3. I went to Yaohan and killed the memory dragon of messaging people on the 6 Davie / 6 Downtown bus routes. Got beef internal noodles with wonton for lunch, and Lays lime chips / Lays cucumber chips in big bags for Rachel, Campbell’s mushroom soup x2, a NEW on-sale Double-Ridged Lays chips package in Spicy Chicken and BBQ Pork (two each), MyKuali Penang Red Tom Yum Goong noodles, and NEW MyKuali spicy prawn noodles at Osaka Supermarket.

After the wrap-up session, I briefly went to Shoppers to buy on-sale Ben and Jerry’s IF I HAD A MILLION FLAVORS and PEANUT BUTTER HALF-BAKED ice cream for Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day on July 1 coming up! No more frozen items until I eat some – the freezer can’t fit anything else except air molecules! Got home at 4:25 on a 407, which is totally fine. Then I took a shower and discovered that Jon had made a reservation under his name at the Lion’s Den for Randal’s birthday on Sunday at 6. Nice!

Beef internal noodles with wonton at Wah Yuen Noodle House in Yaohan!

Lays Double-Ridged chips: Spicy Chicken!

Lays Double-Ridged chips: BBQ Pork!

MyKuali Penang Spicy Prawn noodles!

From Pete and THUNK: Happy Tau Day on June 28! 6.283185… Celebrate by eating TWO pies! Double Pi Day!

From Ryan: The person who would proofread Hitler’s speeches was the first Grammar Nazi.

Mallex Smith?!

Wynter Turner is a basketball player for the Stanislaus State Warriors?! BAD SPELLING OF WINTER!

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