Big Crazy logos! / Cheese Bong Wang Mini Fish Sausages?! / MyKuali noodles!

After I had COFFEE TIME, Barry picked me up at 10:50 and we went banking and to Price Smart. I got on-sale Sunlight Morning Fresh 64-load laundry detergent, on-sale Kellogg’s All-Bran Buds, GOOD TASTE and JOY dumplings x5 (Pork and Celery / Lamb and Onion / Pork and Tri-Treasure / Pork and Vegetable / Pork and Chive), Earth’s Own almond milk, on-sale Knorr Sidekicks x5, Kozy Shack tapioca pudding, Dentyne Ice spearmint gum x3, MyKuali Penang White Curry noodles, Shin Ramyun Noodles black noodles (Paulo can try one pack), and a Samyang Fire Noodles 2X Spicy pack so Paulo can try one.

Also bought Vedan Bah Kut tea noodles, on-sale Six fortune straw mushrooms x4, Stouffer’s Homestyle Beef Pot Roast, bananas, Ibumie Penang White Curry Mee noodles, NEW Breyers Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream for next month, NEW Maeda-en Gourmet mango sorbet mochi, NEW on-sale Activia yogurt x2 (cherry / blueberry), on-sale Kraft Dinner x2 (Alphabet Shapes / Smart Vegetables), and a Canada Dry ginger ale FridgeMate since I just finished my existing Canada Dry ginger ale before it expired on July 8. Got a “spend $50 and save $10” coupon good from June 27 to July 17, too! Maybe I can get Chinese Eric to help with that, so I texted him since we could be hanging out next month for a BC Lions / Edmonton Eskimos CFL game. After getting home at 12:45, I paid my Shaw and hydro bills online at home before showering.

Big Crazy in Richmond – the old logo is better than the new one!

Cheese Bong Wang mini fish sausages?!

Sea Salt Kettle chips!

New York Cheddar Kettle chips!

Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper Kettle chips!

Snapple peach iced tea!

Snapple Half and Half lemonade and iced tea!

Snapple raspberry iced tea!

Snapple lemonade!

Snapple lemon iced tea!

Quaker Super Grains chewy granola bars made with oats, brown rice, wheat, quinoa, and barley: Oats and Honey!

Quaker Super Grains chewy granola bars made with oats, brown rice, wheat, quinoa, and barley: Oats with Chocolate!

Burt’s Bees nourishing mango butter lip balm!

Burt’s Bees moisturizing honey lip balm!

Kung Tak Lam Vegetarian Beef noodles!

MyKuali Penang white curry noodles!

Canada Dry FridgeMate, 12 x 355mL cans!

Breyer’s Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream!

Maeda-en Gourmet mango sorbet mochi!

Kraft Dinner spicy cheddar!

Kraft Dinner Alphabet Shapes!

Kraft Dinner Three-Cheese Smart Vegetables!

Activia cherry yogurt… YAY!

Activia blueberry yogurt… YAY!

Sunlight Morning Fresh liquid laundry detergent: 64 loads and on sale!

This cash register setup is ridiculous because it takes away half the real estate!

Cheese Bong Wang Mini Fish Sausage?

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