Melanee, another Cortez, Aubree, Candace, Nico, Taliyah, and Unique?! WHAT?!

I went out at 12:15 on a 401 to go to London Drugs and look for 3×5 Mead index cards, since my stock was running low. Turns out I wasn’t really running out of them, but whatever. I finally found them at just slightly higher than eye level with the notebooks and papers, and decided to just clear out the entire stock. I did lie to the cashier and said that they were for school, but I couldn’t wait for the back-to-school sales (that part is true), hahaha. Got home at 12:50 on a 401 and found two RCMP officers in the hallway! They asked whether I knew my neighbors across the hall, but I politely said no and they went on their way. We wished each other a good day, though.

From Julie: Melanee?! BAD SPELLING OF MELANIE!

From Julie: Another black guy named Cortez?! CORTEZ THE KILLER!

From Julie: Aubree?! BAD SPELLING OF AUBREY!

From Julie: Candace?! Reminds me of my ex-friend Candy Boisvert…

From Julie: Nico?! Reminds me of a kid at Camp Sasamat… Taliyah is also a ghetto spelling of Talia!

From Julie: Unique is Kevin’s girlfriend?!

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