Eulis, Lonequa, Maycee, Shaquala, Londyn, Nimrod Shmul, and Peace Eshiet?!

After COFFEE TIME, a German Shaw technician came by at 11:35 AM with a replacement cable box / new PVR box / new remote control / new modem / advice. (calling my HOME number 15 minutes beforehand to see whether I was home… WHAT DO YOU THINK?!) When he left at 12:15 after also setting up my wi-fi network on my cellphone, I took a much-needed shower and did some much-needed laundry!

In the evening, Dylan came by at 6:55 PM to help me buy a new microwave at London Drugs. He did call me first at 6:25 to advise me that he was at Walmart doing some stuff, then would come by here. We talked about his Great Value red curry chips, Declan and Elysse’s swimming lessons, NOT defrosting meat in the microwave because it won’t cook evenly and will be all frozen in the middle (“SEE?! NO ONE BELIEVES ME!”), his stressful day at work, parking, and the heavy bulky stuff. Came back home at 7:30 after I selected a new black RCA 1.1 cubic foot microwave oven for $99.99 plus tax (so about $117.60) – yes, that was definitely going on my savings account! Good thing I checked my bank balances BEFORE going out – that Panasonic inverter microwave from Robert was at least twice the price from Robert. I know why Mike insisted on it – because of his own image problems!

Then I heard that the St. Louis Blues had won the 2019 Stanley Cup against the nasty Bruins! Makes me feel better about 2011, for sure! I told Paulo to bookmark these microwave oven cooking conversion charts as well. He was at the gym, but came by at 9:35 to pick up the Danby Designers 700-watt microwave. Yes, having a free backup is nice, but I like to pay favors forward when I can. It just rarely happens in two and a half hours! Like I had thanked Dylan, Paulo thanked me – it’s a cycle! 😀

NEW microwave oven: RCA 1.1 cubic feet and 1000 watts!

Great Value red curry chips!

From Julie: Eulis?!

From Julie: Lonequa?

From Julie: Maycee?! What was wrong with Macy?!

From Julie: Shaquala?!

From Julie: Londyn?! BAD SPELLING OF LONDON!

Nimrod Shmul?!

From Michelle S.: When your mom is scornful and names you after your deadbeat dad… it’s a black girl (and Houston Community College student) named Peace Eshiet?!

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