Michael Butman, Lieutenant Chance Sweat, Sheila Butt, and Adolph Gasser?!

No more r/AskWomen for me! How is “Who has trouble pooping in a public restroom, girls?” rude and “invalidation”? SO FUCKING VAGUE! Jesus Christ, some (SJW) people need to grow a thicker skin and stop getting offended over anything and everything! When you gotta go, you gotta go! No “performance anxiety” should be involved, because who the fuck is WATCHING you do this in the public restroom?! It’s not my problem if the random woman in the stall next to me has “performance anxiety” when it comes to bathroom-related things! Just GO – you’ll feel better! Special snowflakes, I swear…

Barry called me unexpectedly at 11:55, but I had my phone on to wait for Dylan anyway. He said he was at my place after dropping someone else off, and thought of me and the old Panasonic inverter microwave recycling. No, I didn’t want to come along, but I was grateful that he remembered and could do it right then.

From Bored Panda: Michael Butman?!

From Bored Panda: Lieutenant Chance Sweat?!

From Bored Panda: Sheila Butt?!

From Bored Panda: Adolph Gasser?!

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