Frances! / Alprentice Von Slatten?! / Cardi B named her daughter Kulture?!

After COFFEE TIME and getting some free NRG Detox Iaso tea samples from Shane in today’s mail (yay for bubble-wrap envelopes!), I went out at 2 on a 414 to see Rachel at the Caring Place. We called Shaw and I managed to get my bill lowered by about $50 per month for two years in a row! I’ll also get a new cable box and some other things next Wednesday when the technician comes by in the late morning or early afternoon. I killed time by taking advantage of the wi-fi there, in Richmond Centre, and outside Waves Coffee. Texted Paulo, talked to James about food, sent Mike a quick Hangouts message, and generally kept in touch with people. Someone in the V4F Discord server mentioned coffee, so I decided to check the London Drugs website to see whether the tall canisters were on sale – SCORE! I bought a NESCAFÉ instant coffee canister (October 1, 2018) for $10.99 instead of $14.99, plus NEW Late July bacon habanero tortilla chips.

Later, I met Frances for dinner at Pho Han after walking from Richmond Centre to Lansdowne and then taking the 410. Well, she offered to pick me up somewhere near Aberdeen Station around 6 since the restaurant is in one of those little plazas on Capstan Way. It was definitely out of the way, that’s for sure! We talked about VCEFC people, my mom calling me for something which turned out to be an “invite” to one of Dad’s VOS opera choir concerts tomorrow evening (I never check WhatsApp and she might as well just TELL ME WHAT IT IS ON THE PHONE), Ellen, Facebook, my malfunctioning microwave, her mother and dementia, my spicy pork blood soup, her spring rolls and grilled chicken, her paying for the meal (wow!) and dropping me off later, her brothers, and autism. I guess Mom will pick me up at 5 tomorrow from the courtyard with another bag or two of random stuff before we go for wonton mein or something.

It was good, but I am still glad to be home. I should have gotten her to stand around while I looked at microwaves in London Drugs since I have more than $150 cash in my wallet, but that’s probably not what she had in mind when she said “grocery shopping.” I just emailed white Eric to see if he can do it and then recycle the old one – then maybe I can give the Danby Designers 700-watt one to Paulo if and when that ends up happening.

Alprentice Von Slatten?!

From Julie: Cardi B has a daughter named KULTURE?! Bad spelling of Culture, not that this is a good name if spelled correctly…

NEW Late July bacon habanero tortilla chips!

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